Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 31: Heart Like a Mirror

In the afternoon, Shi Yue paid a visit to the garden. As she watched Tang Jie work away, she softly laughed and gracefully walked over. Standing behind him, she slapped him on the back and shouted, “Hey!”

Tang Jie was unperturbed, calmly turning around and saying, “Good afternoon, Elder Sister Shi Yue.”

“Is scaring you once that difficult? You already saw me a while ago, right?” Shi Yue asked, looking at Tang Jie with her big, watery eyes.

“I just heard your footsteps,” Tang Jie replied. “Right, how is it that youre free to see me right now?”

Shi Yue covered her mouth and chuckled. “Isnt that because of all the trouble you lot have caused? It wasnt even noon when that Young Master Ji went back to the madame. You werent there to see it, but his eyes were all red, on the verge of tears! I heard that you treated him rather savagely?”

“It has nothing to do with me.” Tang Jie spread apart his hands and acted as if he was being unjustly accused. “It was just Shi Mo teaching him the rules for servants. That Young Master Ji just couldnt take it.”

Tang Jie proceeded to recount how Shi Mo hadinstructed Ji Ziqian in how to be a servant. Shi Mo had not allowed Ji Ziqian to relax, working for the entire morning and truly treating him like a servant.

Ji Ziqian was unexpectedly so patient as to endure it all, but unfortunately, he was still a young master. Normally, he was the one being attended upon, so he had no idea how to do such things. Even if he was willing to do it, he wouldnt be able to do it well. Thus, Shi Mo had disciplined him quite a few times over the morning.

With Chai Si having been forced away and all of the servants intentionally ignoring him, he couldnt find a single person to help him out.

Even though he had had a good upbringing, he eventually reached his breaking point. He ultimately managed to find an excuse to run off and tearfully plead to his mother.

Shi Yue found it a very amusing story, bursting into laughter and clapping her hands. “Good! Good! A beautiful job! These jobs are all things we servants normally do, and hes come to be a servant student. Even if he goes and tells the lady, we still have an excuse.”

“I dont think so,” Tang Jie sighed. “In my view, not only was it not beautiful, it was sorely lacking.”

“Eh? Why is that?” Shi Yue was confused.

Tang Jie replied, “We do things normally because we have a goal. If its difficult to realize this goal, we often have to resort to roundabout methods, and its easy to forget our original goal while using these methods. The treatment of Young Master Ji is truthfully a manifestation of this illness. Although Ji Ziqian was taught a harsh lesson today, thus venting the anger of the servants, was our goal to teach him a lesson?”

Shi Yue was dumbfounded as Tang Jie grimly continued, “It was to drive him out! All the plans and methods should be as closely linked to the goal as possible. If we cant reach the goal, then the effect will be the opposite of what we wanted.”

In order to ensure that he was clean, Tang Jie had not appeared, controlling everything from the shadows. But this meant that he hadnt been able to give Shi Mo and the others a specific plan, nor could he give timely instructions.

This was the disadvantage of controlling things from behind the curtain. He could point the way, but it was very difficult for him to interfere in the execution. This would rely solely on the skill of the executors.

In the morning, Shi Mo had once more committed the error of losing sight of his goals. Alas, though Tang Jie had been able to see it all, he could offer no advice.

It was only when Shi Yue arrived that Tang Jie finally had a choice to talk about it. He wanted to borrow Shi Yues mouth to correct the errors of those little scoundrels.

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