Chapter 300: Break Out of Despair or Die in Despair!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

One could either break out of despair or die in despair!

Tang Jie was quite happy if Ye Heizi could completely resolve the problem that was Long Dao.

Through You Shaofeng ’s identity, he now understood how much Long Dao hated him. Even though Tang Jie felt like he hadn ’t done much to Long Dao, in truth, Long Dao had been conspiring to kill him all this time.

Since he wanted him dead, Tang Jie didn ’t mind sending Long Dao on his way first.

Alas, Long Dao still managed to survive.

After discovering that he had been tricked, he had very reluctantly gone onto the stage to have his showdown with Ye Heizi.

Facing this powerful enemy, assaulted while being trapped in a cage, this guy didn ’t lose spirit. On the contrary, at the final moment, he erupted, even experiencing a small breakthrough, breaking the wall of his cage with a single Sirius Arrow and escaping.

In the end, Long Dao succeeded in not becoming a mere walk-on character, instead developing more in the direction of a side character. This left Tang Jie feeling rather helpless.

But as a price, Long Dao ’s leg had been jabbed by the fang of Ye Heizi ’s Multivenom Spider. The poison had caused his leg to swell grotesquely, and though the Spirit Masters of Basking Moon had applied treatment, there was no saying how much they could do.

As a result, Long Dao was the Basking Moon student who had come away with the greatest injury in the match between the two sects.

In the next five battles, as the Beast Refining Gate had discovered that the Basking Moon Sect ’s targeted strategy made it difficult to kill them, it finally changed its plan to self-preservation. Thus, all five battles ended without deaths on either side.

Thus, this became the deathmatch with the fewest deaths so far.

On this day, the Beast Refining Gate lost five people while the Basking Moon Sect had one heavily injured and the rest essentially unharmed. The Beast Refining Gate had won ten matches, drawn one, and lost nine, thus winning a small victory which was completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

As he was leaving, Heng Wudi glared at Tang Jie as if he hoped that his looks would kill. Helian Hu was also viciously staring at him, but he also had a few more targets, glaring at Cai Junyang and Shu Mingyang as well.

But Shu Mingyang wasn ’t concerned about Helian Hu ’s stare at this time.

Standing in a corner of the crowd, he was focused entirely on his book, even muttering words, perfectly playing the role of a bookworm. The cheering crowd, the victory congratulations, and Helian Hu ’s hateful gaze seemed to have nothing to do with him.

He flipped to the 73rd page and looked at the 6th line.

What had originally been a discourse on human nature faded away, and a new line of words appeared: ”You Shaofeng has gone missing. Tang Jie must be making a move. Keep a close eye on him! ”

Shu Mingyang softly sighed.

The orders given to him were becoming more and more direct. It seemed like Godhead Palace was also starting to lose patience.

After a few moments, the words disappeared, and the original contents of the book returned.

Putting down his book, Shu Mingyang looked into the distance.

Tang Jie was laughing in the crowd, accepting everyone ’s thanks. His experience, insight, and judgment had won him the respect of most of the crowd.

Shu Mingyang found Tang Jie to be rather admirable. It had to be said that Tang Jie had paid too much to reach this point as an ordinary person. At times, Shu Mingyang thought to himself that if he didn ’t have this accursed identity, he might have been able to become real friends with Tang Jie. Alas, there were no ”if ”s, and there were some things that would have to be settled eventually.

He couldn ’t help but sigh.

Tang Jie was still talking with everybody. Only once almost everyone was gone did he tactfully reject any further celebrations and leave alone.

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