Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 30: A Plan Crafted for the Target

Ji Ziqian got up very early in the morning, and Ji Lanxin personally took the time to help her son dress. She also reminded him, “Im wronging you by having you serve as a servant student, but the gate to Immortality is difficult to enter, and theres no other way besides this. When you see your little brother Chong, you must remember to not conflict with him and do your best to get on good terms with him.”

“Mom, youve told me twenty times now,” Ji Ziqian proudly replied. “Relax. Ill handle this properly.”

As the young master of the Ji Clan, Ji Ziqian truly did have things to be proud of.

Last year, a Spirit Master had been invited to open his Jade Gate, and he had achieved four cycles, which was a middling aptitude. Most importantly, sufficient perseverance and endurance was required to break through the Jade Gate. Such attributes were rare among young scions, and Ji Ziqian was rather proud of what he was able to achieve.

And as he knew how to conduct himself, being well-versed in etiquette, and was much smarter than Wei Tianchong, he considered it a trifle to get into Wei Tianchongs good graces.

In normal circumstances, it truly wouldnt have been hard.

Once they were done dressing, the two of them went out and asked for a servant to lead them to the Meditation Garden. The Clear Yang Pavilion was rather far from the Meditation Garden, and they had to pass through quite a few other places to get there. Ji Ziqian had not been here in some time, and as he strolled through the estate, he marveled at its grandeur. The boy servant leading them was a smart fellow, and spoke of the various buildings as they passed by them, explaining the Wei Estates situation to Ji Ziqian. Ji Ziqian was newly arrived, so he naturally regarded this information with high importance and was very thankful to the boy servant.

But this slowed them down. Moreover, they also ran into various people on the way: boy servants from the other residences, maids, and even stewards. All of them were extremely polite, every meeting resulting in an exchange of pleasantries. But this slowed them down even more.

After walking some distance, they arrived at the venerable masters residence, Retiring Years House. They saw the venerable master performing punching exercises in the courtyard, and since they had seen him, Ji Ziqian had to go up and greet him.

The venerable master saw his grandnephew approaching, and there was yet another exchange of pleasantries. It was quite a while before they could finally set off again.

But all this meant that it took more than an hour for them to get to the Meditation Garden.

When they arrived, they were told that Wei Tianchong was in class and shouldnt be disturbed.

Wei Lanxin was very displeased. “Didnt someone say that since the young master was visiting today, there was no need for Chonger to attend class?”

She was Wei Tianchongs aunt, so she naturally did not use a polite form of address when talking about Wei Tianchong.

Shi Meng put on a fake smile as he answered, “The young master truly did wait, but after waiting for almost an hour and seeing that no one had come, he thought that the two of you were not coming, and went to class.”

He had not brought up how impatient Wei Tianchong had become over being kept waiting for so long, even breaking a chair. Wei Lanxin and Ji Ziqian failed to notice the problem.

Since they were late, they truly could not blame Wei Tianchong.

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