Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 3: Killing in Rage

The battle in the sky continued. That heaven-consuming magic power stirred the air into a hurricane, and the sky darkened.

That golden-armored god was still swinging his powerful arms, each hit striking the air and stirring up a howling gale.

The immense wind pressure was like a tornado, creating barriers of wind that made each step forward excruciatingly difficult for Tang Jie.

On the other hand, that white figure weaved through the wind. With each swing of his sword, a powerful sword beam would cleave across the sky like a bolt of lightning. When they struck the earth below, they left behind deep fissures.

Tang Jie had to be cautious and avoid these stray attacks from the heavens.

He ran against the wind pressure, dodged the lightning, maneuvered his way through the forest, and jumped between giant rocks. He was as nimble as a monkey as he rushed toward the summit of Jade Orchid Mountain.

Only there could he see the Immortals in the sky, could he have the chance to talk with them.

There was another flash of light in the sky. Tang Jie instinctively lunged forward, and behind him, a beam of sword lightning crashed down, blasting a rock that he had stepped on earlier. The rock was obliterated, and the shockwave struck Tang Jie and sent him flying.

He grunted and spat out blood, after which he jumped to his feet, grabbed a hanging branch of a tree, and swung forward on it.

The farther he charged, the stronger the power of the aftershocks became. By the time he had reached the midway point of the mountain, gales were ripping across the slope, sword lightning was raining down in a deluge, and sand and gravel flew through the air.

And then Tang Jie stopped.

He had no choice except to stop!

This was because there were no trees to shelter behind up ahead. The summit of Jade Orchid Mountain had already been completely shorn of trees.

Those beams of sword energy and the omnipresent wind pressure whirled and howled across the top of the mountain, creating a world-destroying momentum. To press any farther would mean certain death.

Could he not even get close?

Tang Jie hopelessly looked up at the sky.

Those two figures in the sky had reached the most intense moment of their battle.

A blurry figure had appeared behind the golden-armored god. The moment this phantom appeared, Tang Jie felt a boundless pressure. He found that he could not see the face of that phantom, but it felt to him as if held up the heavens, its feet rooted to the earth and its head holding up the void. It was a majestic figure that one could not directly look at, and it instilled respect and awe in all who beheld it.

Tang Jie could barely control his body as it sought to prostrate. At this moment, the white figure suddenly shouted, “Rise!”

The bald top of Jade Orchid Mountain suddenly exploded with light that formed into an enormous net and locked down the entire region, including the golden-armored god.

“Eight Gates Heavenseal Formation! So you were ready for this, Xu Muyang!” the golden-armored god howled. The phantom behind him fiercely punched at this heaven-enclosing net.

The massive net erupted with light as it trembled, the space within the formation trembling with it.

Shockwaves of air rippled and surged out of the formation.

Tang Jie paled in fright, and he cast aside all other thoughts and ran back, lunging behind a giant boulder.

A howling torrent of wind blew overhead, sweeping up clouds. This powerful gust of wind lasted for a good several seconds, causing the giant stone to sway and almost squash Tang Jie.

“Holy shit, is this a nuclear bomb?” Tang Jie softly cursed.

Of course, it was much weaker than an actual nuclear bomb, but it probably had the force of several thousand tons of TNT.

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