Chapter 294: Dont Come Out

“Its from Master Ming,” the boy replied, and then he disappeared. His movement technique was so far above the students present that their hearts shivered.

“‘Master Ming…” Ye Tianshang looked over. “Could he be talking about Hall Master Ming?”

“Who else could it be?” Tang Jie said, raising the small book.

On it was written “An Analysis of the Chaoswind Step”, and on the bottom were the words “Ming Yekong” in smaller script.

“The 27 Star Chaoswind Step?” Peng Yaolong cried out.

Ming Yekong had always been known in the Basking Moon Sect for his light and nimble movement techniques. When he was in Basking Moon Academy, he had taken the record for Celestial Flash Hall, and there was still no one who had been able to break it.

Upon entering the Basking Moon Sect, Ming Yekong had gained the moniker of “Gentleman Among the Flowers”. This moniker emphasized how his handsome appearance attracted women, but it also referred to how he could pass through a field of flowers without a single leaf touching his body.

Ming Yekong was one of the 19 Celestial Chiefs now, and no one dared to bring up that name. But his movement techniques remained mystifying, and everyone still knew about his peerless ability to dodge. The Chaoswind Step was the movement technique that he was most proud of, and the one he had used to sweep across the world.

Everyone glanced at each other, utterly dumbfounded.

While Ming Yekong had come together with them to the Immortal Fortune Conference, he had spent most of his time in private, never speaking with anyone. Even at the conference, he sat alone instead of with the students, so no one had even gotten a chance to speak with Ming Yekong.

But now, this boy had suddenly come out of nowhere to deliver to Tang Jie the movement technique of Ming Yekong. What was going on here?

All of the students gawked at Tang Jie, and couldnt help but grab Tang Jies face and say, “Are you really my servant student? Could you be the secret student of some bigshot?”

Tang Jie slapped away his hand and helplessly said, “Get off! And watch your mouth!”

Standing up, he turned to Ming Yekong and bowed. “Master Mings favor leaves me dazzled. This lowly one has no achievements and is too ashamed to accept this!”

He did not speak too loudly, but knew the one seated above could hear.

Ming Yekong said nothing, but Xie Fengtang said, “This is a small gift from Master Ming to you. Accept it.”

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