Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 294: Don't Come Out

Chapter 293: Consider It a Small Gift From Me

Tang Jie brazenly glared back. On the side, the students from the Thousand Passions Sect all cheered Tang Jie on, and their faltering morale surged back up.

The Basking Moon Sect was on good terms with the Thousand Passions Sect, and for the Basking Moon Sect to speak up for their ally in this mortal clash of sects was as normal as could be. On the other end, the Seven Absolutions Sect spoke up for Horizon Ocean Pavilion, and both sides exchanged barbs.

Tang Jie had openly taken the wind out of the sails of his romantic rival, but others took this to be him speaking up for the Thousand Passions Sect. Some of the girls from the Thousand Passions Sect even began to look at him differently.

A message arrived from Xu Miaoran: Why are you provoking him?

Tang Jie replied: Its not that I dont want to, but even if I dont, he will make trouble for me anyway. Havent you seen how hes been looking at me these last two days? He practically wants to eat me alive.

Xu Miaoran: Youve given him an excuse now.

Tang Jie: An excuse only holds meaning for people that care about such things. Relax; I know what Im doing.

Xu Miaoran: Understood.

Tang Jie: If youre just going to write “understood”, theres no need to waste a whole long-distance message talisman, right?

In the distance, Xu Miaoran waved at Tang Jie and smiled.

The battle between Horizon Ocean Pavilion and the Thousand Passions Sect continued.

Li Zhipings death had unquestionably stirred the wrath of the Thousand Passions Sect students. It just so happened that the next match involved the Thousand Passions Sects number two, Mu Yu.

This person was exceptionally brutal, ignoring his opponents pleas for mercy and tearing that student apart. He then roared at the heavens, “Zhiping, Ive avenged you!”

Tang Jie mentally sighed. “Avenged”, my ass! The one who killed Li Zhiping was Lan Yu, you know?

After a few more matches, it was time for the Thousand Passions Sects number one, Deng Xiaoyu. The opposing Horizon Ocean Pavilion student knew that he was no match, so he conceded as soon as he stepped into the ring, not even giving Deng Xiaoyu the chance to attack.

But the moment the student got off the stage, a teacher from Horizon Ocean Pavilion flew over and thrust a palm at the student, shattering his skull. It was only then that he sinisterly said, “Those who retreat without fighting will be executed!”

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