Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 290: Getting Drunk

Chapter 289: Mortal Enemy

Wei Tianchong and his puppet had unleashed a storm of blows on Zhou Weixiao. Without even needing to use a shadow soldier, he had overwhelmed Zhou Weixiao with sheer force and dragged him down from the clouds and into the mud.

But unlike what Tang Jie had imagined, after winning, Wei Tianchong was not jumping with joy. On the contrary, he very calmly walked off the stage.

This was a maturing of spirit and the budding of self-confidence.

Just like how an upperclassman wouldnt be celebrating over beating an underclassman, Wei Tianchong wouldnt be feeling too excited about beating one Zhou Weixiao.

He had forgotten how such an opponent was an existence he could only look up to in reverence in the past.

The battles continued, with wins and losses on both sides, and things were going rather smoothly. When it was Tang Jies turn, he exchanged only a few blows with that Horizon Ocean Pavilion student before blasting him off the stage with one punch, ending the battle with little surprise.

As this was the first day, it was impossible to say which of the six major sects was stronger and which was weaker. But some of the more outstanding students had already begun to show their ability on stage and draw the attention of others.

Godhead Palaces Yun Wuji, Fang Shiye, and Lin Changrui; the Thousand Passions Sects Deng Xiaoyu, Mu Yu, and Li Zhiping; the Seven Absolutions Sects Mu Yi, Xiao Wen, and Lin Wang; Horizon Ocean Pavilions Lan Yu and Gu Qinghan; the Beast Refining Gates Helian Hu, Ye Heizi, and Tian Zhao; and finally, the Basking Moon Sects Peng Yaolong, Tang Jie, and Ye Tianshang—each of them would obtain an unsurprising victory whenever they came onto the stage.

The days battles quickly concluded, and the returning crowd coalesced into various streams.

Xu Miaoran had no choice but to report back to her sect.

She looked reluctantly at Tang Jie. “If I dont go back now, my esteemed teachers will really come over and take me back.”

“Will you still be able to come tomorrow?” Tang Jie asked.

Xu Miaoran shook her head, indicating that she didnt know.

The next morning, when the days matches began, as expected, Xu Miaoran did not come.

Tang Jie began to search the crowd for her, and finally, in a corner of Horizon Ocean Pavilions section, he spotted her. She was sullenly sitting all alone, her hands propping up her cheeks.

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