Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 29: The Rules

“Impossible!” Shi Mo jumped up and stared at Yanzhi.

Yanzhi sneered, “The young master of the Ji Clan has already taken up residence in the Wei Estate and will soon be visiting the Meditation Garden. Youll know if its real then. What, you think I would deceive you?”

Shi Mos entire body trembled.

Though he didnt know that the lady had already decided to not give him any chances, he did know that he was inferior to Shi Meng in the ladys eyes.

Shi Mo and Shi Meng were both close attendants to the young master, but Shi Mengs post was one of servitude, not study, so his lot was much easier than that of the reading partner. Moreover, he had a cautious personality and didnt have any impulsive ideas, and he had the support of the outer house steward. Thus, his impression in the eyes of the lady was much better.

In the past, there had been two spots. One was for Shi Meng and the other was naturally for him. He knew that the lady didnt like him, but he wasnt too afraid. He had deluded himself into believing that the young master would help him.

But now, only one spot was left, and his hopes had plunged. How could he possibly accept this?

“How could this be? How could this be?” Shi Mo frantically paced around while shaking his head. “Only one spot is left… I cant beat Shi Meng! I cant!”

Yanzhi inwardly laughed at Shi Mos appearance. Tang Jie had been right that he was truly a good-for-nothing, but she said, “What? Youre giving up? It seems like I was optimistic about you for nothing!”

“Then what do you think I should do?”

“You! What an idiot! You need me to give you advice? Dont forget that Ji Ziqian hasnt officially been made a servant student yet. Hes only temporarily living here. You still have a chance. You just have to drive out Ji Ziqian, right?”

“Me? How am I going to drive him out? Hes the young master of the Ji Clan, the young masters older cousin!” Shi Mo shouted.

Yanzhi snorted. “If you cant drive him away, why not the young master?”

Shi Mo was startled. “The young master?”

Yanzhi savagely said, “Yes, the young master! Dont forget what he came here to do! To be a servant student! A servant student is a servant! Hes come here to be a servant, to serve the young master. Here, he is no longer the Ji Clans young master, but a servant of the Wei Clan. Do you get it?”

Shi Mo understood what Yanzhi was hinting at, and his eyes flashed. “Yes, hes trying to fight with me over the servant student post, right? Hmph, then Ill teach him what it means to be a servant! If he cant even attend to the young master, how can he be a servant student?”

Shi Mo bowed to Yanzhi. “Elder Sister Yanzhi, thank you for your guidance!”

Yanzhi lazily said, “Thats all?”

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