Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 289: Mortal Enemy

In the fifth match, Horizon Ocean Pavilion finally managed to get a win.

In the sixth match, Lan Yu fought against Cai Junyang.

There was a blue flash as Lan Yu appeared on stage, his hands held behind his back. He cut quite the impressive figure, rather like a hegemon gazing down at the puny mountains from high above. Even Tang Jie had to stop himself from giving a thumbs-up and saying, ”Impressive acting! ”

There was a thunderous cheer from the audience. It appeared that Lan Yu had quite a few admirers.

In contrast, the Basking Moon Sect side was constantly urging Cai Junyang, ”Be careful, and don ’t try and force it if you can ’t beat him. ”

Cai Junyang grunted, ”Can you not underestimate me so much? Whether it ’s win or lose, I actually have to fight to find out. ”

He jumped onto the stage.

With the ring of a bell, the battle began.

Cai Junyang acted first, spiritual energy surging, and the air suddenly thickened. Cai Junyang became like a fish swimming through water as he shot toward Lan Yu, his sword giving off silver waves. This was none other than the Pilewave Sword he was so skilled at.

Lan Yu chuckled and casually thrust out a palm. ”Break! ”

With this one thrust, the clouds of spiritual energy were pushed back like the ebbing tide.

This move also left Cai Junyang greatly shaken.

Realm pressure!

Realm pressure was a sort of overwhelming pressure that allowed one to render many spell arts ineffective when they came from someone at a lower cultivation realm. Realm pressure was truly a gap that could not be surmounted with numbers—at least not without absurdly high numbers.

But realm pressure only existed in the higher realms, which made it so that the higher the realm, the more difficult it was to fight above one ’s level. But in the lower realms, realm pressure was extremely rare, which was why there were many examples of Spirit Sea beating out Mortal Shedding.

This was a problem of strength control. For example, if one pitted a high schooler against an elementary schooler, the high schooler could often answer problems with just one look. But an older class of kindergarteners trying to answer the questions from a young class of kindergarteners might spend ages staring fruitlessly at the question.

Lan Yu having realm pressure was truly a surprise. The moment Cai Junyang realized this, he knew that he had no chance of winning.

But he had a tough personality that didn ’t easily concede. As his spiritual wave was broken, he thrust out his sword several times, and the 19 Star Sword emerged in a dazzling burst of starlight.

The 19 Star Sword was a technique that Xiao Biehan had developed in his early years and modified several times afterward. It was extremely powerful and had many variations, so even Lan Yu didn ’t dare to take it head-on, despite his realm pressure. He raised his hand and thrust it at the air.

As his hand struck the air, a shield of azure light appeared.

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