Chapter 281: Eye Flesh

Yiyi hugged Tang Jies neck and said in a small voice, “Big Brother, I feel like there was something wrong with that guy. Before, he was saying that he would only sell it at three thousand coins, so why is it that he agreed to sell to you for three hundred? And its some commentary on ancient formations, which is exactly what we need.”

Tang Jie chuckled, “It wasnt just the person that was problematic. So is this book.”

“Huh?” Yiyi was taken aback.

Tang Jie explained, “You think ancient formations are like cabbages, that you can find them wherever you look? How could a cultivator whos never even left the Rosecloud Domain encounter three ancient formations in a row? Even the revered master of my Basking Moon Sect has not encountered three ancient formations.”

Yiyi was shocked. “Then is the book fake?”

“The book is definitely fake, but not necessarily the contents. From what Ive read so far, the descriptions are extremely professional, and many of these experiences arent something that can just be imagined. When reading a book, you know when something is made-up, no matter how well its written. And some things you can tell are the real deal no matter how awfully theyre written.” Tang Jie patted the formation commentary and said, “This commentary is exactly like that. While the book is fake, the contents are real, and anyone in the field would be able to tell at a glance. If my guess isnt wrong, Godhead Palace probably collected all of their research on ancient formations into a book with a fake author. This is very considerate of them.”

“In other words, theyre intentionally probing you? Oh no, oh no! They must be suspecting you now!” Yiyi yelled, jumping up.

Tang Jie loudly laughed. “Silly, you think they werent suspecting me before this?”

“But now they must suspect you even more! They can capture you!”

“No, Yiyi, they could have captured me long ago. You still remember Gu Changqing? When he made his move on me, he wasnt absolutely certain that I was Tang Jiye. If he was 100% sure, why did the Hawk Hall fall apart in internal discord? No, Yiyi. Godhead Palace isnt the court. They dont need rock-solid evidence. If they suspect me, they can just make their move without any need to gather more evidence.”

“So why dont they, then?”

“Thats exactly the problem… Yiyi, after all thats occurred, why do you think theyre still testing me? Think it over carefully,” Tang Jie said, stroking Yiyis head.

Yiyi bit on her fingers as she racked her brain for ideas, but she ultimately stomped her feet and shouted, “Ugh! I hate it! I cant think of anything!”

Tang Jie laughed. “Silly, the reason is very simple. Because this isnt a test. You have to understand that this commentary took a lot of work to make, and its a bit extravagant for mere bait. No one would invest the cost of the real deal on a fake.”

“Then why would they do that?”

After some thought, Tang Jie replied, “Gu Changqing captured me once, but he wasnt able to get the Martial Mirror. Godhead Palace presumably understands that it doesnt matter if they capture me or not, for that will not get them the Martial Mirror. Thus, theres no harm in thinking about things from a different perspective and giving me a chance, and in doing so, giving them a chance as well. I think… they want to borrow me to open up the Nine Executions Immortal Formation.”

“Then what do we do?”

“What can we do?” Tang Jie smiled. “The Ten Directions Valley is under the control of Godhead Palace, and if they dont want me to go, then I could wait for one hundred years and still not get a chance. But now, theyre looking for me to break the formation, and I also want to get in. Everyone benefits.”

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