Chapter 278: Black Armor

At daybreak, Tang Jie said goodbye to Luo Yin.

After leaving the Transverse Range, he headed west toward the Celestial Mountains.

Of course, on the road, he didnt forget to dispose of some of his loot.

Putting aside some items that he left for himself, the spell weapon, art relics, and fiend materials that he had no use for sold for 105,000 coins.

Tang Jie spent fifty thousand of this to buy materials for refining baths. Not only did he restore his constitution to what it was before, he even improved it somewhat. He left the rest of the money to be spent when he needed it.

With the Illusion Fox dead, Tang Jie had accomplished one of his major goals and felt much more relaxed. In no rush to arrive, he decided to see the sights, stopping and going as he pleased.

49 days quickly went by, and the Soul Refining Pearl finished refining all the hundred-some fiend souls within it.

Three quarters of the fiend souls had been converted into Soul Dew, a rare material that could be used in medicine to strengthen ones Spirit Will or Divine Will. The rest had become Mindseizers.

Tang Jie let one out, and under his command, the Mindseizer immediately attempted possession on a fiend wolf. This possession was extremely unreasonable. No matter who the target was, even if it was an Immortal Platform Titan, the Mindseizer would attempt possession. Of course, success was another matter entirely. The true benefit was that once a possession began, the victim would enter a dazed state, giving the opponent a chance to strike.

As for this attempt, Tang Jie had chosen a weak target primarily to experiment. Thus, he did not take this moment to kill the target, instead watching so that he could understand how long this dazed state would last.

To his surprise, after a few moments in a daze, the fiend wolf let out a mournful howl and began to transform, its body groaning as it grew larger.


The possession had actually succeeded.

Perhaps because this fiend wolf had been too weak and its will too fragile, the Mindseizer, despite its low chances of success, had succeeded on its first try, creating a devil.

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