Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 278: Black Armor

Chapter 277: Destroyed Face

In the illusion formation, the Illusion Fox lay on the ground, breathing weakly. It wasnt dead, but this was its last body. The little tiger and Yiyi had killed the other two, making them vanish.

Tang Jie stood near the fiend fox, coldly observing it.

The fiend fox lay there, no longer resisting. It muttered, “I wanted to leave because I knew that this day would come eventually, when I wouldnt be able to escape… Sure enough, I couldnt escape. But I didnt think that I would die at the hands of a cultivator that hadnt even reached Mortal Shedding yet.”

“It might have been exactly the other way around,” Tang Jie replied. “Its precisely because I wasnt even at the Mortal Shedding Realm that you decided to use me to clear out Fragrant Store Cave and break your own wings. If my level were higher, would you do this? You would probably instead choose to attack en masse or else seize the chance to escape, right?”

The fiend fox froze, and then it softly said, “True, true. If you were some big cultivator, how would I fight with you to the death? Its precisely because I thought your cultivation insufficient that I was defeated on this day! But if I werent so determined to leave, would I have made such a choice? In the end, I was the architect of my demise, and I must bear the results. It is all karma, karma! Haha! Haha!”

The fiend fox looked up and laughed.

“At least you dont need to run anymore,” Tang Jie slowly said.

The fox suddenly stopped laughing. “Yes, I dont need to run. After 28 times, Im tired…”

It sighed and closed its eyes.

And so it died.

Tang Jie couldnt help but emotionally sigh at the fiend foxs death.

He had come to more and more understand why Xu Muyang had said that the Immortal path was callous. On this path, you either ate others or became food. There was no third choice.

Though he was rather emotional about all this, his hand moved without hesitation.

With a swing of his Heartbreak Saber, he cut open the foxs belly, and from it, he extracted a small pellet.

This pellet was different from the ones before, round and crystalline. In its center was a little red dot that moved around, and in the sunlight, it sparkled with a rainbow of colors.

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