Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 272: Execution

Chapter 271: The Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation

An incredible sight played out before the fiends.

The rather short trees suddenly began to grow high into the sky. Their crowns rapidly expanded as numerous branches sprouted from their trunks, twining together and blotting out the sky.

Thousands of years seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, instantly transforming this mountain ridge into a primordial forest.

This was the Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation!

When this formation was activated, the creatures within the formation would immediately be divided by large numbers of trees and would come under ceaseless attack. No one could leave unless the formation were destroyed. With the activation of the Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation, the mountain range was divided into two different worlds.

The vast, primordial world within the formation had countless dangers that would devour the fiends, and outside the formation were twenty-some fiends that were mystified by what had happened.

The lion fiends vigilance and its astonishing strength had meant that Tang Jie couldnt wait for all the fiends to enter. Thus, the formation had activated before all the fiends could go inside.

These twenty-some fiends were the greatest threat to the Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation. As this green screen surged up, heaven-soaring trees appearing everywhere, the fiends began to run around like headless flies. Some of the more violent ones even began to ram into the screen.

All formations shared a common point: they focused on only one direction, whether it was inside or outside, either killing those inside or defending against those outside. Those that did both were either extremely expensive or terrible at both.

The same was true for the Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation. It was mainly a formation that attacked those on the inside and was basically useless against those on the outside.

Fortunately, these fiends didnt understand formations, and they didnt know the method to break the formation, only brute force. But their continued battering and ramming was also a burden on the formation and would hasten its collapse.

Fortunately, Tang Jie had prepared for all of this.

The moment he activated the Yi Wood Azure Heaven Formation, two figures rushed out of the formation: Yiyi and the little tiger. Yiyi raised her hand, and a large number of flowers emerged, creating a new barrier between the formation and the outside world. The little tiger flew out, using the flower formation as cover to assail the fiends.

At the same time, in the world within the formation.

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