Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 269: Weapon Soul

Chapter 268: Bait

Once the Green Hill Sect disciples were gone, Tang Jie opened the jade box.

As the Soul Refining Pearl reappeared, the winds howled, and shrieking came from all around as if something was wailing. Twisted faces appeared—the faces of those fiends that had been slain in battle.

As they were freshly slain, their souls had yet to dissipate. The Soul Refining Pearl seized this chance to absorb them all, and in a flash, ten-some fiend souls had been taken into the pearl.

Tang Jie did not perform soul congealing again. The essence of the Softscent Jade had not been completely used up, but Tang Jie decided that he would first try out soul refining, as he didnt know how to use the product of soul congealing.

Demonic fires blazed within the pearl, and a mist billowed. The fiend souls miserably howled, and even Tang Jie couldnt help but tremble in fear.

This Soul Refining Pearl truly lived up to its infamy. It not only refined the soul, but the human mind!

It had to be understood that the suffering inflicted by the refining of souls did immense psychological damage. Spending too long immersed in this sort of sensation would gradually pervert the mind, turning it bloodthirsty, cruel, and even insane.

Yet this Soul Refining Pearl was also an excellent item with many uses. With it, rapid growth was no longer just a dream.

But Tang Jie quickly reminded himself that this pearl couldnt be used unless absolutely necessary, and it certainly could not be relied on.

As he pondered this, Yiyi said, “Theyre going to be here soon!”

“Understood.” Tang Jie put away the jade box and ran toward the slope.

He hadnt run for long when he saw a black fiend wind in the distance.

The fiend wind was like a giant tornado, toppling trees and stirring up debris wherever it went. It stopped at the site of the battle, and the tornados revolutions began to slow. Once it stopped, countless fiend beasts flew out of the vortex like a rain of dumplings. More than a hundred fiends had arrived on the scene, a menagerie of jackals, wolves, tigers, panthers, insects, and birds.

They furiously howled toward the heavens and stirred up a great clamor.

“So noisy! Everyone, shut it!” A thunderous roar exploded in the ears of the fiends.

The one who had roared was a golden lion fiend with savage teeth and a raised head. It held a mace in its hand and wore chainmail, cutting a rather majestic figure.

Three other fiends stood next to the lion fiend.

One was as stocky as a mountain, with a face as black as the bottom of a pot, eyes like copper bells, and two horns sprouting from its head: a black bull fiend. Another had bird claws like iron hooks and a pair of red wings growing from its back: a red eagle fiend. The third had a long mouth and sallow face, darting eyes, and sharp claws: a gray wolf fiend.

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