Chapter 267: Soul Refining Pearl

The Soul Refining Pearl could be considered an illustrious treasure of the cultivation world.

It originated from High Antiquity, and was said to have been developed by a cultivation sect known as the Soul Sect. The Five Gods Faith of latter days was said to have sprung from the Soul Sect.

The Soul Sect specialized in raising souls, refining souls, seizing souls, and transplanting souls, and their spell arts were strange and bizarre. But this sect was not in itself an evil sect.

They researched souls primarily in search of eternal life.

While cultivators could achieve long lives, it was difficult for them to achieve eternal lives. Even those Titans who cultivated to the Immortal Platform Realm would at most be able to live for several thousand years, far from true immortality.

Although there were arts for reincarnation and possession, they all had limitations, and one had to at least be at the Violet Palace Realm to use them.

But whether it was reincarnation or possession, the physical body was destroyed while the soul remained.

Without a physical body, a soul found it very difficult to exist for long in the world. It would either dissipate or become a ghost, and thus, at the death of the physical body, the soul had to find something to attach itself to as quickly as possible.

But such vessels were hard to find. Not only did it require a suitable body, the soul of the body would also resist. Without its original strength, even if the possessor had been a peerless Titan, they were not guaranteed victory against the original owner. As for reincarnation, there was the risk of not getting back ones memories.

Thus, no one was willing to use these secret arts unless they absolutely needed to.

In search of eternal life, the Soul Sect had researched soul transplantation to reduce the dangers and requirements for reincarnation and possession. The Soul Hell had been created for this purpose.

Initially, its purpose had been to store souls, so it had been called the Soulstore Pearl.

The Soulstore Pearl allowed the Soul Sect to temporarily store the souls of the dying so that they could slowly search for a suitable vessel, thus resolving the problem of the waiting period. Besides that, the Soulstore Pearl could nourish and strengthen the soul, providing better conditions for possession.

But in the end, the Soulstore Pearl was a failure. While the Soul Sect had succeeded in creating the Soulstore Pearl, they found it to be an extremely wicked item. The soul within would go through excruciating pain, and extended torment would have the soul turn into an existence akin to a ghost, devoid of rationality and utterly insane. This was precisely why people later on called it the Soul Refining Hell.

Not long after that, the Soul Sect sealed the pearl and forbade anyone from using it.

The matter should have ended there, and since it was a failed product, no one paid this object any mind.

But surprisingly, a traitorous disciple appeared among the Soul Sect. This man was none other than the infamous Soultaker True Lord.

Of course, the Soultaker True Lord was truly nothing more than a minor disciple of the Soul Sect at the time, only at the Mortal Shedding Realm. But this Mortal Shedding Realm disciple managed to sneak into the Pavilion of Heavenly Foresight and steal many of the Soul Sects treasures, including the Soulstore Pearl.

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