Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 259: Grade 3 Combat Puppet

Chapter 258: Pentavenom

This was the first time Tang Jie had had this kind of sensation.

The seller said, “Young Master, if you like, I can give it to you for two thousand.”

Two thousand coins wasnt a cheap price.

After some thought, Tang Jie said, “Can you give it to me for any cheaper?”

The seller replied, “As the two of you bought my Soul Jade shards previously, I can give you a two-hundred-coin discount.”

“What about one thousand?” Tang Jie asked.

The seller shook his head, and no matter how much Tang Jie haggled, he was only willing to go down to fifteen hundred.

Fifteen hundred was a large sum for Tang Jie, and more importantly, he didnt actually know what was inside the Clam Mirage Stone. Seeing that the seller wasnt giving in, Tang Jie pondered what he should do, but he ultimately gritted his teeth and decided to take a gamble.

He also wanted to see if his newly discovered ability could bring him good fortune, so he went to find Wei Tianchong and have him buy it.

Wei Tianchong was confused, asking, “Why do you want to buy this?”

Tang Jie didnt hide it, telling him that he suspected that there was something inside.

Wei Tianchong also grew excited when he heard that there might be some secret in this Clam Mirage Stone.

Youths were rash, and so they immediately put aside the search for materials and went to find a secluded place to research the stone.

But at this moment, Wei Tianchong realized a problem. “Tang Jie, you say theres something inside, but how do we open it?”

Tang Jie bitterly smiled. “How else? We have to smash it open.”

Wei Tianchong froze. “No way! I spent fifteen hundred coins on this. If we mess up…”

Tang Jie firmly said, “If we mess up, we lose fifteen hundred coins, or else we wouldnt be taking a gamble here!”

But in truth, not even Tang Jie was too confident.

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