Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 257: Clam Mirage Stone

. If we had one hundred thousand or one million spirit coins, wouldnt we be rich?”

Tang Jie coldly looked at him. “Do you have one million spirit coins?”

Wei Tianchong was instantly rendered speechless. Let alone him, not even the Wei Estate had that much.

Moreover, there might not be a big enough market for this much money.

“This secret market only happens once a year, and its a very risky enterprise. Buying and selling goods also requires manpower and time, but we need to cultivate, so where will we get the energy to haggle? And if you really do put your focus into it, youll have made the money, but what about your cultivation? I dont think Ive heard of any Titan who made his name through business. Do you really think that once youve found a way to make money, you can sit back and watch it happen?” Tang Jie said.

Wei Tianchong awkwardly scratched his head. “You know that Im trying to think of ways to make money.”

Even though he was a young master of a big clan, he was still worried about money.

After becoming a True Inheritor, Wei Tianchong had received less money from the Wei Estate, not more.

There was nothing to be done. Cultivating Immortality just took too many resources, and not even a major clan could support this enormous expenditure over the long term. Thus, they would normally provide their children a large amount of resources in the early stage so they could get a good foundation, but they would reduce their investment in the later stage.

Normally, once students reached the Spirit Sea Tier, they would have a large number of trial missions they could participate in, so they would have to rely on themselves to make money. At this time, a clans investment and ones own revenue would each make up 50%.

When a student reached Mortal Shedding, the clans share would shrink again.

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