Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 257: Clam Mirage Stone

Chapter 256: Secret Market

In truth, only a small part of the spirituality in the Jade Pearl Stone had dissipated. Stone monsters found it difficult to gather spirit, but what they did gather would not easily fade.

The real reason was the stone canvas that had formed on the largest piece of Jade Pearl Stone. It had sucked up all the essence, leaving nothing to be refined into Softscent Jade. Without this largest part, there were only small chunks left, and processing used up so much that the amount of Softscent Jade obtained would inevitably drop.

“Thats good too. One block is five thousand coins, and four blocks is twenty thousand.” Wei Tianchong rubbed his hands. “My puppet will be invincible!”

He laughed as he began to daydream about taking his puppet and sweeping through the world.

Tang Jie bluntly said, “You plan on using it all? One block is five thousand! Youre only making one Rank 3 puppet, so even half a block is too much. Leave the rest. I have uses for them.”

Wei Tianchong became frantic. “Why only give me half a block? At least give me an entire block. At worst, Ill just pay you for the rest of it.”

Tang Jie replied, “Its not that I dont want to give it to you, but Softscent Jade is a high-class spiritual material that could even be used in a Rank 7 or 8 puppet. Using it on a Rank 3 puppet is too much of a waste, so leaving some for the future will be better. Moreover, Softscent Jade isnt particularly tough, so using too much will only lower the toughness of your puppet.”

“Fine,” Wei Tianchong said, forced to agree with Tang Jies words.

Shi Meng came up and said, “What about me?”

Looking at the shameless look on his face, Tang Jie chuckled and said, “How is your progress on the Three Corpses Conversion Secret Art that Luo Yue taught you?”

“That secret art is just too difficult, and cultivating it damages the body to little effect. I dont like it.”

“Ill give you half a block, but you have to diligently cultivate the Three Corpses Conversion Art. I will need your help soon.”

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