Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 256: Secret Market

Chapter 255: Softscent Jade

The clam woman replied to Tang Jie, “Young Master is correct. In the future, I will be watchful and no longer act so recklessly.”

But Tang Jie shook his head. “Youre still too naive. You really think there will be a future? I scared away the Seven Absolutions Sect today, but what about in the future? The matter of the lake offering has already gotten out, and just because those three failed to slay the fiend doesnt mean others wont try in the future, and they might not be the same as those guys. It might even be someone more formidable. Moreover, for you to take on semi-human form, you probably have some special treasure, which is even more likely to draw powerful foes.Watchful? And just how are you going to be watchful?”

These words scared the clam woman. She had only recently gained intelligence and was still rather simple-minded, acting according to her nature. She grew frantic and said, “I do not dare to hide anything from the honored Immortal. This lowly fiend has never had any special treasure. I simply happened to come across a drop of Jade Pearl Marrow…”

It turned out that this clam woman had been an ordinary fiend in Horserest Lake and had only been cultivating for ten-some years, making her about the same age as Tang Jies group. But one day, while cultivating, she inadvertently obtained a drop of spirit liquid that made her advance by leaps and bounds, and in just two years, she had entered Mind Opening and was able to take on semi-human form. Later on, the clam woman learned that she had obtained a cultivation treasure, Jade Pearl Marrow.

The name “Jade Pearl” shook Tang Jie and Wei Tianchong.

This was a true treasure of the cultivation world. It was said that in Remote Antiquity, it was a treasure produced from the Returned Remnants of great monsters, the so-called “monster marrow”.

“Monster” was the term for lifeless objects that gained intelligence, like sand monsters, rock monsters, metal monsters, and so on.

In Remote Antiquity, there was a stone known as Jade Pearl, and when it gained intelligence and became a monster, it was known as the Jade Pearl Monster. After death, its essence would congeal into marrow that had the color of green jade. This was a peerless treasure that could instantly make one an Immortal upon consumption.

Of course, “instantly becoming an Immortal” was an exaggeration, but it was an indication of how valuable the treasure was.

The Rosecloud Domain was home to fiends, sprites, ghosts, and monsters. Fiends were born from birds and beasts, sprites from plants, ghosts from deceased souls, and monsters from metal and stone. Of these, birds and beasts had the highest intelligence, and so they had the greatest tendency to gain spirituality. Metal and stone were devoid of life and were incapable of cultivating on their own, and thus, it was difficult for them to gain intelligence. As a result, monsters were the rarest of the four.

Tang Jie and the others had cultivated for four years, and Wei Tianchong had been honing himself in missions for two years, but none of them had seen a monster. Let alone them, even Celestial Heart cultivators like Xie Fengtang, people who had spent their entire lives traveling the world, had rarely seen a monster, let alone a legendary monster like a Jade Pearl Monster.

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