Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 254: Clam Woman

Chapter 253: Catcalling Custom

Wei Tianchong was confused and asked Tang Jie, “What is this?”

Tang Jie explained, “This is a custom of their Ayia Tribe. The Ayia are people of the horse and place the greatest importance on horsemanship, such that even relationships have to be tested through it. If a boy has a girl that he likes, he can chase her from behind while catcalling her.”

“‘Catcalling her?” Wei Tianchong was startled. He instinctively said, “Can you say anything?”

“Essentially, and the girl cant fight back.”

“That seems pretty good.” Wei Tianchongs eyes gleamed. In his view, being able to legally commit indecent actions against a girl was a good thing.

“Buuuuut…” Tang Jie said, “When they get to the end and have to come back, the woman chases the man. If the girl likes the man, shell be merciful, but if she doesnt like the man, if she was angered by his words, shell whip the man to death. The man cant fight back, but of course, he can rely on his horsemanship to escape. If your horsemanship is good enough, you can do anything.”

Wei Tianchong looked into the distance and saw the girls chasing the men down, their horse whips constantly cracking as they flayed apart the skin of the men. He said in a trembling voice, “Forget it, then.”

The Ayia Tribe horse meet was still ongoing. Caier rode at the head of the pack and was whipping two male riders at once, a whip in each hand, and she left bloody wounds all across their bodies.

It seemed that she didnt like the two men who had been pursuing her.

At the finish line, Caier was still in the lead and had her horse charge through. The crowd cheered while the girls face glowed with pride.

“Then can you use spell arts?” Shi Meng whispered. If he could use spell arts, Shi Meng was confident that the whips of these girls wouldnt be able to touch him.

“Of course not,” Tang Jie chuckled. “Life… does not welcome spell arts.”

In the early morning of the next day, Tang Jie lifted his tent flap just in time to see the sun rise.

Tang Jie went up to the lake and used his hand to cup some water to drink, after which he washed his face. At this time, he happened to see Caier drawing some water from the lake.

Tang Jie walked over and said, “Miss Caier, when will we be setting off?”

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