Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 253: Catcalling Custom

Chapter 252: The Ayia Tribe

Three days later, Tang Jie, Wei Tianchong, and Shi Meng officially headed out, setting off from Wanquan City and heading west toward the Celestial Mountains.

As they intended to see the sights, they didnt move very quickly and chose to go through beautiful areas so that they could take in all the natural wonders this kingdom had and experience the local customs. They had quite a good time.

Tang Jie seemed to switch personalities, putting aside cultivating and joining Wei Tianchong in taking in the sights. Even Wei Tianchong had to wonder why Tang Jie had suddenly changed.

But he had no idea that, in Tang Jies eyes, all of this involved the operation of the world, and this was exactly what Tang Jie needed to experience in order to comprehend Insight.

Once one cultivated to a certain point, one would often feel like one had hit a wall. At times like this, cultivation alone was meaningless. One needed to head into the mortal realm and understand the Great Dao of humanity. But it was normally only those at Celestial Heart and above who would do this. Someone like Tang Jie who was comprehending Dao before Mortal Shedding only came around once an eon.

On this day, the three of them arrived at the Upwater Plains.

Tang Jie pointed ahead and said, “Past the Upwater Plains is the Warsong Mountains. Past that is Duskland, the land of the Seven Absolutions Sect.”

Shi Meng said, “Once were there, well no longer be under the protection of the Basking Moon Sect, so we have to be careful with everything we do. When the time comes, we should change out of school uniforms to avoid any problems.”

In Sageheart, the student uniforms were their protective umbrella and made it so that few people were willing to provoke them. But outside of Sageheart, the status of Basking Moon student was more harmful than beneficial. Although the Basking Moon Sect and the Seven Absolutions Sect were not mortal foes, they werent good friends either. In private, the Seven Absolutions Sect was probably quite willing to kill a few Basking Moon students. Otherwise, the Wandering Palace wouldnt have been so cautious with even the location of the conference, choosing the very center of the Celestial Mountains.

In the carriage, Wei Tianchong shook his head. “Its going to be difficult. Even if we change clothes, were not Duskers, so well expose ourselves the moment we open our mouths.”

He wasnt sitting in a carriage because he was spoiled. Rather, he was making a new puppet, and carving couldnt be done while riding a horse.

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