Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 251: Celestial Eye

Chapter 250: How Are You Going to Explain Things to Xu Miaoran?

Wei Tianchong couldnt help but be proud. This was an upper-grade fiend snake close to Mind Opening. Its formidable strength would leave ordinary students helpless, and there had been two of them. While Wei Tianchong had been killing one, this one had used the chance to escape, but Wei Tianchong had managed to catch up to it and slay it.

In the past, a single middle-grade would push Wei Tianchong to the brink of death, but now, he could take care of two upper-grades. It had to be said that these last two years under Yan Changfengs instruction had allowed Wei Tianchong to rapidly advance.

After laughing, Wei Tianchong suddenly turned pale, clenching his stomach. “This Changfeng Thirteenth Style is incredibly powerful, but it takes too much. Using it multiple times in a row is forcing it a little.”

Nearby, Shi Meng limped over. Wiping the sweat from his brow, he said, “Shit, it hypnotized the snake only for so little time! Things almost went sour there.”

The little fox snorted, “The Neverwinter Hypnotic Song is still a secret art of the Five Gods Faith. Things only ended up like this because you havent trained it enough. Its one thing for you to lack training, but for you to also be so arrogant? You were lucky to not die there. In a battle of life and death, victory or defeat can be decided by centimeters. If this happens again, you might not be so lucky.”

Shi Meng resentfully said, “Understood.”

Tang Jie had the Divine Firmament Sword Classic while Wei Tianchong had been enduring Yan Changfengs tutelage, so back when the little fox had been passing down her techniques, these both had enough secret arts to learn and didnt have the energy to study the secret arts of the Five Gods Faith. Thus, after some discussion, they had the little fox teach Shi Meng.

Thus, in these last two years, the one with the greatest grasp of the Five God Faiths spell arts wasnt Tang or Wei, but Shi Meng.

But this kid placed quantity over quality. While he had learned thirty to forty spells, he hadnt truly mastered any of them. The Neverwinter Hypnotic Song was an extremely powerful mind-seizing art of the Five Gods Faith, but in his hands, it could only hold a fiend snake for two or three seconds. If Divine God Luo down below had learned of this, he probably would have crawled out of his grave in anger.

As the little fox began to scold Shi Meng, Wei Tianchong laughed and began to dismantle the snake. He removed a fiend pellet and said in satisfaction, “This trip wasnt a complete waste.” But as he turned to look at his puppet, he paled and yowled, “Fuck!”

He rushed over and grabbed the puppet. Several cracks had appeared on the arm, clearly from damage inflicted in the battle just now.

“And theres some internal damage too…” Wei Tianchong moaned.

Shi Meng said, “I think this puppet is about to hit its limit.”

Wei Tianchong had taken this puppet everywhere in these last two years, and it had been through countless battles as Wei Tianchongs most important combat ally. In terms of contribution, it had far exceeded Wei Tianchongs initial investment of five thousand coins.

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