Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 249: Killing a Big Snake

Chapter 248: The Dream Lingering in Tang Jies Mind

Tang Jie smiled as he replied, “The mountains do not know the passage of time, and the years go by with the snap of a finger. Madam, please forgive me for my oversight.”

Madam Shui rolled her eyes. “Youre in school, not in some secluded cultivation, so whats all this about the mountains not knowing the passage of time? Its probably because of what I told you last time that youre trying to avoid me, right?”

Tang Jie gave an embarrassed grin.

Upon returning from Wind Devil Island, as Madam Shui had said that she would give him a chance at a gift from the heavens if he succeeded in making Wei Tianchong a True Inheritor, he had gone to hear from Madam Shui what this chance was. He hadnt expected this chance Madam Shui had spoken of to be participating in the Immortal Fortune Conference at the Wandering Palace.

When talking about the Immortal Fortune Conference, one had to first talk about the Wandering Palace.

It was said that the Wandering Palace did not come from the Rosecloud Domain. Rather, it was the legacy of an Immortal Platform Titan who had broken through the barrier. As this was a sect established by an Immortal Platform Titan, the Wandering Palace was an existence with deep reserves.

The guiding principle of the Wandering Palace was to wander carefree, so it did not have a fixed location. Their headquarters was a floating Immortal palace, and thus, it was called the Wandering Palace. This also made them one of the few unaffiliated factions.

In the Rosecloud Domain, there was no sect that could surpass the six major sects.

Every power had to attach itself to another!

When that Immortal Platform Titan still lived, everyone could restrain themselves, but a hundred-some years ago, that Immortal Platform Titan finally fell to the callous passage of time, dying and dissolving into Returned Remnants. With the death of the Titan, the now-vulnerable Wandering Palace was put in an awkward position.

The six major sects immediately used this chance to apply pressure, trying to get the Wandering Palace on their side, thus leading to all kinds of political intrigue.

The Wandering Palace managed to hold out for a hundred-some years, but it had finally reached its limit, and its days of shifting allegiance were finally over.

But who to choose remained a large problem for the Wandering Palace.

Choosing one sect would probably offend the other five.

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