Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 243: The Final Struggle

Chapter 242: Illusion Spell

Cai Junyang raised his sword to block as Peng Shaoqing and Su Xinyue charged in, successfully halting his advance.

Cai Junyang now seemed to have three opponents, but he was fearless, roaring, “Third form of the 19 Star Sword, Strike of Unity and Parting!”

The nineteen sword lights fused into three, attacking his three assailants, who were unable to withstand the strike and were sent flying. But Cai Junyangs face momentarily turned red. The 19 Star Sword was a powerful art, but it consumed a fierce amount of energy. At his current cultivation level, using it was a great burden.

His attack having worked, Cai Junyang prepared to retreat, but he saw two more smiling students break out of the formation and rush ahead of him.

“Stay right there!” Cai Junyang swung his sword, “Fourth form, Parting Slash!”

The two students were instantly blown away, howling in pain.

But this momentary distraction allowed Long Daos group of three to lunge back into the fray, and as they battled, neither side was able to get the upper hand.

Peng Yaolongs eyes gleamed with a savage light, and he suddenly turned to look at Qin Liang, whose eyes were roving the battlefield as he pondered something.

Peng Yaolong whispered, “Kid, I know that youre also going to break the formation. Ill remember your kindness if you help me break out.”

Qin Liang mentally shivered as he looked at Peng Yaolong. Peng Yaolong coldly said, “You dont have the strength to get through. Even Wei Tianchong is better than you. Even if you managed to get in there first, the True Person would probably pick Wei Tianchong over you!”

Qin Liang inhaled and said, “One thousand coins!”

“I swear on my Heart Demon that if I become True Inheritor, Ill give it to you!”

“Deal!” A moment later, Qin Liang really did break free, helping Peng Yaolong as he did.

The moment Peng Yaolong was free, he rushed over to Meng Shixue and began to pull off the vines binding her, laughing, “This True Inheritance is mine! Shixue, hold them down while I break through!”

“In your dreams!” As Peng Yaolong spoke, another person flew out, thrusting their flashing sword at him.

“Ye Tianshang!” Peng Yaolong angrily roared.

But Ye Tianshang didnt understand the Dao of Formations, so how had he broken free?

“Out of my way!” Peng Yaolong threw a punch in response to Ye Tianshangs sudden attack.

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