Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 238: Comprehension (1)

Chapter 237: Making a Bet

Xu Miaoran shot Nan Baicheng a glance. “‘The harmony between the two sects? Is there any harmony between the Basking Moon Sect and Horizon Ocean Pavilion to speak of? At best, we have a trading relationship, each side using the other, no? What? You think that because youve borrowed my Wind Devil Island, you can treat it as your own?”

This was their first meeting, but they were already spitting fire at each other. Ji Wujiu panicked, but there was nothing he could do. He could only shoot glances at Nan Baicheng, but Nan Baicheng seemed blind to his looks and just kept staring at Xu Miaoran.

When Nan Baicheng had been stationed at Anyang Prefecture, he had been through countless incidents and accumulated a rich reserve of experience. The more he looked, the more he felt that there was a problem with Xu Miaorans arrival. Completely disregarding her background, he said, “Unfortunately, while Wind Devil Island belongs to Horizon Ocean Pavilion, it does not belong to Lady Xu. This place already has a manager, and even if my lady is the outer disciple of Sorrowgone, isnt your range of responsibilities a little too wide?”

He had stopped addressing her as “county lord”.

Xu Miaoran glared. “Then it should be the manager speaking, not you. Moreover, it was just a simple question.”

She looked at Ji Wujiu. “Senior Brother Ji, who is this person in your Prison of Mortal Coil?”

She had never seen Wei Tianchong before, but since this person was imprisoned in the Prison of Mortal Coil and had Nan Baicheng so antsy, she could make an educated guess.

Ji Wujiu looked at Nan Baicheng, who shook his head. After thinking it over, he replied, “This person has the surname Wei, and he is a student of Basking Moon Academy.”

He didnt dare to offend Xu Miaoran, but he couldnt break his promise, so he could only compromise by giving only the surname.

But when Xu Miaoran got this piece of information, she instantly understood. She snorted and was about to speak, but at this moment, Nan Baicheng said in a sly tone, “Lady Xu, youve asked your question, so you can leave now, yes? My lady, it is best if you avoid interfering with this test of the Basking Moon Sect.”

Xu Miaoran was certainly not intending to leave. She looked around as she tried to think of an idea, and she just so happened to see a crack on the six-edged crystal. Delighted, she sternly asked, “Senior Brother Ji, why is there a crack in the Clam Mirage Mirror?”

Ji Wujius heart trembled, and he hurriedly explained, “When a Basking Moon student was passing through the Gigantes Illusion Zone, they somehow managed to incite the Nine Disaster Fiend Monk into manifesting his will, and even the will of the Gigantes King manifested. The Gigantes Illusion Zone couldnt take the burden of their clash and thusly shattered.”

“Its one thing for the illusion zone to be destroyed in a clash of wills, but why is even the Clam Mirage Mirror damaged?”

Ji Wujiu gritted his teeth and replied, “I was trying to restore the illusion to drive out Nine Disaster, and Nine Disaster fought back…”

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