Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 226: The Prison of Mortal Coil

Chapter 225: Pufeng County Lord

An illusory fog surged up, robbing Ji Wujiu and Nan Baicheng of their sight.

Nan Baicheng frowned. “Brother Ji, whats going on?”

Unperturbed, Ji Wujiu casually replied, “Thats what I should ask you. I intervened to shift the formation into attacking him, but this was too targeted, causing him to notice, so he naturally has to hide his tracks so I wont notice him. This child must possess some sort of illusion spell to do this, but as to how he did it? Im a distant spectator, so its hard for me to tell.”

After some thought, Nan Baicheng nodded and said, “Yes, it was that sprite that kid is raising. It can lay down illusion formations to hide tracks—a simple trick thats easily undone.”

But Ji Wujiu shook his head. “No, no. My mixing in illusory beasts with the real thing is already too much intervention. If I break his spell, then this wont be a test anymore, but bullying a child.”

Destroying Tang Jies spells was the equivalent of directly attacking Tang Jie, and carried an entirely different meaning. He didnt have much of a relationship with Nan Baicheng, and it wasnt worth his time to do so much for him.

Suddenly, Ji Wujiu trembled, his eyes shining. “The Waxen Sea Illusion has been broken!”

Although Tang Jie had concealed himself with an illusion formation, Ji Wujiu was controlling the Waxen Sea, and so when the illusion broke, Ji Wujiu had immediately sensed it.

In this little while, Tang Jie had successfully broken through it.

Nan Baicheng gasped. “Brother Ji, you cant just let him push through like this!”

Ji Wujiu sighed. “Since I promised Brother Lin, I have to help you out. This child is strong and understands quite a lot about formations. Level 2 of the Nine Palace Illusion Formation seems to have no effect on him. But raising it to Level 3 will also affect the others, and he will ultimately be the only one to benefit. However, Brother Nan, rest easy. I might not be able to stop him from breaking the formation, but I still have many ways of delaying him and preventing him from getting out first. Brother Nan, please look…”

Ji Wujiu raised his horsetail whisk.

Tang Jie had pushed out of the Waxen Sea Illusion and had returned to the wild plain from before. But compared to before he had entered the Paths of Reincarnation, he was now much closer to his goal.

He had only made it a few steps when the valley reappeared, as did the three Paths of Reincarnation.

Tang Jie was struck dumb, and Yiyi said in shock, “Whats going on here? Didnt we already break through the illusion?”

Tang Jie replied, “There are many illusion zones in the Nine Palace Illusion Formation, scattered about all over the place. Even if you break through one illusion zone, if you keep going forward, you might run into a new illusion at any time.”

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