Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 225: Pufeng County Lord

Chapter 224: Obstruction

Once the Cloudsoarer Immortal ship parked above the Nine Palaces complex, it did not descend.

Nan Baicheng waved his hand, and a rainbow cloud arrived under his feet and slowly carried him down.

Countless servants were waiting down below. As Nan Baicheng descended, all of them bowed. “Paying respects to the esteemed master!”

Nan Baicheng waved his hand. “No need. Where is Sir Ji at the moment?”

A bright-eyed page replied, “Hes managing the formation from the Heart Anchor Hall.”

“Take me there!”

The page quickly guided Nan Baicheng to the Heart Anchor Hall.

Passing through the 81 lanterns, Nan Baicheng stood on the heavenly formation simulation diagram before the old man and bowed. “Nan Baicheng pays respects to Brother Ji!”

Ji Wujiu waved his horsetail whisk. “Brother Nan is too polite. As Changfengs disciple, you have the same seniority as me. There is no need for such courtesy.”

Nan Baicheng smiled. “But I cannot compare to Brother Ji. I can see from Brother Jis complexion and white hair that your energy and blood are exhausted, meaning that youve entered the Three Witherings. This means youre half a step from Celestial Heart, and is truly worthy of congratulations.”

Ji Wujiu squeezed out a smile. “The Three Witherings are difficult to overcome, and if I dont do it properly, I will remain at this stage for the rest of my life, perhaps even dying a solitary man.”

“Brother Ji is greatly talented and wont be hindered by this obstacle in any way!” Nan Baicheng promptly flattered him, at the same time presenting a silk box. “A small gift as a show of my consideration.”

Ji Wujiu said, “Brother Nan, is there really a need to be so polite?”

Despite his words, he waved his whisk, putting the silk box away in his sleeve.

The two of them exchanged pleasantries first. In terms of strength, Ji Wujiu was far above Nan Baicheng, being half-step Celestial Heart, but Nan Baicheng was Yan Changfengs disciple, which carried outstanding weight. Let alone half-step Celestial Heart, even an actual Celestial Heart True Person would have to kowtow to True Person Changfeng. Thus, he was also polite to Nan Baicheng.

Now that they had finished with the courtesies, Ji Wujiu said, “I know of Brother Nans reason for coming. It just happens that a student broke through an illusion. I wonder if it is one of the two people you had me keep an eye on.”

“Someone has already broken through an illusion?” Nan Baicheng shuddered so fiercely that he almost fell over.

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