Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 222: Tracking

Chapter 221: Resolve

On the way back, Wei Tianchong finally asked Tang Jie, “This mission is clearly targeting me. Tang Jie, are you really confident that you can help me get number one?”

“What? You dont believe me?” Tang Jie asked back.

Wei Tianchong awkwardly scratched his head. “Its not like that. Its just that this foray into the formation wont give us a chance to run into each other like with the Valley of No Return. Were really going to be fighting on our own. Even with divine abilities, youll find it very difficult to help me…”

“Thats where youre wrong,” Tang Jie said, patting him on the shoulder. “While the Nine Palace Illusion Formation makes us fight all on our own, it doesnt mean that we wont have a chance to meet up.”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Shi Meng was also surprised. “Are you saying that we can somehow run into each other in the formation?”

Tang Jie nodded. “Correct, though the chances are tiny. Dont ask so many questions right now. Go and have a good rest, and do some research on ways to deal with illusion formations. Leave everything else to me. Ill tell you the exact details once the time has come.”

The others saw that he was certain, so they couldnt help but believe that Tang Jie had a plan and left in peace.

It was only once they were gone that Tang Jies face finally darkened.

Only he knew that he actually had no idea how to handle Nan Baichengs mission. Nan Baicheng had isolated him from Wei Tianchong as much as humanly possible. In this situation, he could do very little for Wei Tianchong.

But he couldnt say that.

If he said it, Wei Tianchong would lose his confidence, and giving up confidence meant giving up hope and giving up on victory.

Tang Jie could accept defeat, but he couldnt accept giving up!

“Nan Baicheng…” He stood there and muttered this name, a flame burning in his eyes. “The more you dont want me to succeed, the more I want to beat you. Separating us… but separating us isnt enough!”

Tang Jie resolutely set off for Spirit Wonder Market.

Spirit Wonder Market was currently a hive of activity.

Now that the third mission had been announced, all the students had rushed over to buy various spell weapons and talismans that could see through or break formations. As everyone prepared for this final battle, the price of goods had also risen.

But Tang Jie didnt buy any such things. On the contrary, he bought materials for illusion formations like Fantasy Grass and Bafflescent. No one was buying these materials, so their price wasnt too unreasonable.

Once he spent all his money, Tang Jie returned to the Carefree House.

As he put the materials into the formation diagram, he said, “Yiyi, come here and help your big brother. I might have to trouble you with something.”

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