Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 22: Learning From Nature

“Hahahaha!” Brazen and fearless laughter rang out.

Tang Jie slowly stood up and saw that the lunge and the roll had left the flowerbed in a disastrous state.

On the side, Shi Mo arrogantly said, “In the future, remember that when the young master casts a spell, you do as he says. Dont make me remind you again.”

He walked out of the garden, making sure to stomp on the meticulously trimmed flowers, ensuring that the petals and stems were crushed to the ground.

The other boy servant, Shi Meng, also shouted, “Hurry and clean up the flowerbeds! You want to ruin the young masters good mood with your laziness? Useless thing!”

Young Master Wei Tianchong didnt seem to care. As he looked around at the scattered flowers, his eyes flashed. “Eh? These flowers flying about actually look very pretty.”

“If that is what Young Master wishes to see, we can make all the flowers fly,” Shi Mo quickly said.

The young master was immediately tempted, but fortunately, a voice called out, “What are you messing around for? Shi Mo, dont give the young master any bad ideas. If the lady finds out, shell have your hide!”

A somewhat older youth approached. This was the head of the boy servants, Wen Qing. He was clearly infuriated over the state of the flowerbed.

Unafraid of Wen Qing, Shi Mo snorted and ignored him.

But when the young master heard the lady being mentioned, the thought of his mothers lash stirred the fear in his heart, and he banished the idea. He shouted, “Come on; lets go!”

The group walked away.

Wen Qing was inwardly furious that Shi Mo had ignored him, knowing that he had a chance of entering the academy in the future and didnt need to worry about such a figure. But there was nothing he could do about his rage. Looking at Tang Jie still standing in the flowerbed, he rudely asked, “Hurry and clean up! What are you standing around for?”

Tang Jie smiled. “I have to go to the storeroom and report first, or else it will become my mistake.”

Wen Qing was shocked to see him smiling. “Your hard work was ruined by someone else and youre still smiling?”

Tang Jie indifferently replied, “What was ruined were the flowers of the Wei Clan, not my work. If the young master isnt worried about it, why should I be?”

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