Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 218: The Third Mission

Chapter 217: Yellow Springs Talisman

“‘A chance at a gift from the heavens?” Tang Jie was surprised by Madam Shuis words. “What chance?”

Madam Shui simply chuckled. “You dont need to ask so many questions. Finish off this True Inheritor business first.”

Tang Jie saw that there was no point in asking, so he took out eight thousand spirit coins and said, “If thats so, then I would like Madams help.”

She looked at the money and nodded. “As expected, you did have some money. If you want something, say it plainly, and Ill try my best to give you a discount.”

“I want spell weapons or art relics that can instantly boost my strength,” Tang Jie replied.

He had used all his money from before on the Parting Classic and the Weapon Mantra, and his bodys toughness had reached a level where continuing to advance would not have a very obvious effect. As for the Weapon Mantras golden essence, it was now the size of a pigeon egg, and getting any larger wouldnt increase its lethality much.

Rather than continuing to throw money into these, it was better to turn to other aspects, where the effects would be more visible. And equipment was faster than any spirit medicine when it came to a boost in power.

He had gifted the Silver Cloud Needles to Shi Meng, leaving him with the Heartbreak Saber as his only spell weapon. He direly needed something to make up for the shortcoming.

As for the remaining two thousand, one thousand was to repay Qi Shaoming while the other one thousand was kept just in case.

Madam Shui nodded. “Please wait a moment. I will have someone attend to you.”

“I dont need armor, and offensive kinds would be best… Support kinds are also fine. As for offensive kinds, its best if they can attack from a distance and attack large groups, and the stronger, the better. I dont need any close-combat types,” Tang Jie added.

Madam Shui gave him a profound glance. “That being the case, I suppose I should personally attend to you.”

She went to the rear courtyard, and after a while, she returned with a few silk boxes.

As they were opened, Tang Jie saw that they respectively held a pair of boots with purple lightning patterns, a fiery ring decorated with numerous flame crows, and three talismans.

Pointing at the boots, Madam Shui said, “These are the Violet Lightning Boots. The formation carved into them assists the Lesser Yang Foot Meridian and Lesser Yin Foot Meridian in circulating energy, reducing the time needed for art manifestation and improving energy circulation.”

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