Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 217: Yellow Springs Talisman

Chapter 216: The Cosmic Breeze Pearl

Tang Jie was a frequent customer of Spirit Platform Pavilion, so when he arrived, a student immediately brought him to Madam Shui.

Madam Shui emerged from the rear courtyard and smiled when she saw Tang Jie. “I guessed that you might come. Im sure that you got a lot of good things from this trip to the Valley of No Return, yes?”

Tang Jie replied, “This student is incompetent and expended all his strength on seizing the Red Lotus, so my harvests elsewhere were limited. In thirty days, I was only able to get this.”

He took out the fiend pellet.

Madam Shuis eyes brightened upon seeing it. “This is a Thunderbird fiend pellet. For you to have this, could it mean…”

“I was luckily able to obtain it.”

“How did you manage it?”

“It was nothing more than creating diversions and repeatedly hunting them down. While the fiends might have reached Spirit Sensing, they are still foolish creatures. Given enough time, its possible to slowly grind them down.”

Madam Shui gave him a profound look. “Everyone understands the method of slowly grinding down. If a single person could grind down the Thunderbirds, Thunderbird Cliff wouldnt be one of the most dangerous places in the Valley of No Return. Forget it. Its all your own business, so I wont ask too many questions.”

She took the fiend pellet and looked it over. “Mm, its of excellent quality and preserved very well. It cant be the Thunderbird Kings fiend pellet, could it?”

Tang Jie smiled and said nothing.

“Really?” Madam Shui could tell what Tang Jie meant, and looked at him in shock. This kid was truly bizarre. That he was able to kill the Thunderbird King meant that he had most likely wiped out the entire flock. She couldnt help but sigh. “What a pity. It took many years of careful nurturing to develop the Thunderbirds into a flock, but youve killed them all in one go. Ten thousand beings must perish for a single person to succeed!”

“But its not like more cant be born,” Tang Jie said as he took out four small Thunderbirds—one male and three females.

He had gotten these Thunderbird chicks after exterminating the flock at Thunderbird Cliff. He had gotten six in all, but he had traded away two males. He had kept these four for precisely this moment.

Madam Shui was taken aback by the sight of these four chicks, and then she realized, “You kept them alive on purpose?”

“To sell them back to the sect.”

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