Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 216: The Cosmic Breeze Pearl

Chapter 215: Reward

The light of the rising sun cast its resplendent rays over the roof of the Carefree House. Tang Jie was fast asleep until the pounding on his door woke him up.

Wei Tianchong was knocking at his gate as he frantically shouted, “Tang Jie, open the door!”

He very reluctantly opened his eyes and saw the little tiger lying on his body and licking him like a dog.

“Alright, alright, Baoer, be a good boy and stop messing around.” Tang Jie patted the tiger and had him go and play with Yiyi. He then casually stood up and opened the door for Wei Tianchong.

“What are you coming here so early for?”

“‘Early? Its already the Si Period (9-11 am)!” Wei Tianchong shouted. “Did you just get up?”

Tang Jie turned to look at the hourglass on the table and found that it really was the Si Period. He couldnt but shake his head and smile bitterly. “Truly, a day without danger makes a persons mind relax. That was a really good sleep.”

Since he had started cultivating, it had been a long time since he had a period like last night, where he did nothing except just sleep.

He had returned from the Valley of No Return last night.

After the battle in the Ice Cave, since there had been a few more days until the day of departure, Tang Jie had spent some more time in the valley. This was partially to gather resources to hand to the sect—he had to hand over something or else find himself in a very difficult spot. It was also to prepare for Wei Tianchongs departure.

After learning the lesson from last time, after Tang Jie succeeded, Wei Tianchong immediately applied to leave the valley, returning to the academy before the others. As he didnt have the Red Lotus, nobody stopped him, instead scouring the valley for Tang Jie.

Once the last day arrived, Tang Jie finally left the valley. The moment he emerged, he mounted the little tiger and flew off toward Basking Moon Academy.

Those students who had wanted to intercept him midway had forgotten that Tang Jie could fly, and those who could fly couldnt catch up to the lightning tiger. They could only watch him fly off, becoming utterly dejected.

After handing the Red Lotus to Wei Tianchong, Tang Jie had gone back and flopped into his bed, sleeping all the way until now, when Wei Tianchong knocked on his door.

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