Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 214: Who Shall Be the Oriole?

Chapter 213: The Fisherman Finds It Hard to Profit

As the Pilewave Sword activated, Wei Tianchong and Shi Meng turned and ran.

“Cai Junyang, this is none of your business!” Ye Tianshang rushed up and slashed at Cai Junyang. He was much stronger than Cai Junyang, pushing back Cai Junyang with one strike. At the same time, in the distance, Meng Shixue threw out a wave of frost to try to stop the other two from fleeing.

Yiyi waved her hand, laying down an illusion formation.

Even if these people broke through the illusion formation, they would have to waste some time, giving the two a chance to escape.

But to her surprise, the Frost Fairy howled, and an icy fog surged, blasting apart the illusion formation she had just laid down.

At this moment, it felt like the sprite was working with the students.

The little tiger grew furious and unleashed a Galethunder Blade at the ice sprite. This time, the ice sprite failed to dodge. While she had powerful spell arts, her defensive abilities were average. She screamed as the spell knocked her flying, the attack unexpectedly knocking her out.

But with the illusion formation broken, it seemed like Wei Tianchong wouldnt be able to escape. At this moment, however, a wave of saber energy swept out from the Frigid Pond, attacking the other students. It was none other than Tang Jie.

“Tang Jie, you still came out!” Long Dao crowed in delight.

Everyone turned around and attacked Tang Jie. Wei Tianchong wanted to go back to try to save him, but all he got was a glare from Tang Jie. “You guys still arent gone?”

Cai Junyang ran over and shouted at Wei Tianchong, “Hurry and go! Youre just preventing him from retreating by staying here!”

‘Preventing him from retreating?

Wei Tianchong was startled by these words.

Even after cultivating up to this point, Im still just a burden?

At that moment, as he watched Tang Jie being attacked from all sides, having reappeared because of him even though he could have safely escaped after getting the Red Lotus, Wei Tianchong felt deeply ashamed.

Cai Junyang and Shi Meng pulled him along, but he suddenly shook off their hands and yelled at Tang Jie, “Tang Jie, do you remember everything that youve done for me? Relax! In the future, I will work hard to make myself stronger! I wont disappoint you!”

At this moment, he was filled with resentment, hating his incompetence and furious at his inability. Never before had he so ardently desired to get stronger.

Tang Jie was slightly taken aback by this declaration.

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