Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 212: The Sandpiper and Clam Fight

Chapter 211: Chaotic Battle

In terms of strength, even when heavily injured, the Frost Fairy was much stronger than Tang Jie, but Tang Jie didnt want to kill her, only use this chance to steal the Red Lotus. In the end, the true specialty of warriors that focused on toughness was seizing things.

Thus, what he wanted was precisely that the Frost Fairy retreat.

Tang Jies golden thread swept out, coiling around the Iceflame Red Lotus.

The ice sprite panicked. The Red Lotus was the base of her power, the foundation of her Dao. If it were stolen, advancing any further would be excruciatingly difficult. Her eyes flashed, and two dark beams of energy struck Tang Jie to freeze him once more.

“Out of my way!” Tang Jie bellowed. He turned around and punched at the dark beams of energy, his body momentarily flashing red. With brute strength, he somehow managed to resist the freezing power, but one arm was now completely covered in frost.

Distracted for a moment, Tang Jie moved to draw back the golden thread which had coiled around the lotus, but at this moment, boom! An arrow of light came streaking out of the distance, striking him in the back, and he crashed into the water with a bang.

“Tang Jie!” Wei Tianchong and Cai Junyang cried out in alarm at this sudden development.

Turning their heads, they saw Long Dao proudly standing there with his bow. “The Iceflame Red Lotus is mine!”

A group of students stood behind him, An Rumeng among them.

He once more drew his bow back, and an arrow flew straight at Cai Junyang and company.

“Shit!” Cai Junyang cursed. He pushed Wei Tianchong, and the party of three leaped aside.

As the arrow pushed them back, Long Dao shouted to the students following him, “Get the Red Lotus!”

These students rushed out to get the Red Lotus in the pond, leaving only An Rumeng waiting in the rear.

Seeing more students coming, the Frost Fairy shrieked, and a surge of cold emerged from the pond toward them.

“Watch out!” the leading student shouted in fright.

Long Dao drew back his bow. “Let me… Dragon Roar!”

As he shouted, the silver arrow on the bow shot out. A flame blazed up on the silver tip, and then the arrow transformed into a massive fire dragon that charged at the cold wave.

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