Chapter 207: Formation Battle (2)

Cold laughter came out of the formation. “You want to break my great formation with those little tricks? Keep dreaming!”

It went without saying that this was the Frost Fairy.

Sprites were born with intelligence. It was just that feasting on flesh and drinking blood made them sink back into ignorance, and it was only at Mind Opening that they regained their humanity. It wasnt strange for her to be able to speak.

But this sprite had displayed an abnormal intelligence, much to the misfortune of the students.

Screams continued to rise and fall from the formation as the Frost Fairy continued to hunt down her prey.

At this moment, a furious roar came from within the formation. “Sprite, get out here!”


There was an explosion of light in the distance, and the shockwave unsettled the icy fog.

“Senior Brother!” various students within the formation cried out.

“Its Peng Yaolong?” Tang Jie was also startled.

He knew who this Peng Yaolong was. He was a sixth-year student at the Spirit Sea Tier, but his strength was infinitesimally close to the Mortal Shedding Realm, and it was said that it wouldnt be long until he reached that realm. Among the students vying for the True Inheritor spot, he was considered the strongest and the one with the highest chance.

But in the mission to find Lin Lang, he hadnt been able to make use of his prodigious strength. This expedition to the Valley of No Return was the perfect opportunity to display his skills.

While the illusion formation didnt break under Peng Yaolongs attack, it flashed with multicolored light as the fog was thrown into turmoil, and its effectiveness dwindled.

Another voice called out, “All schoolmates skilled in formations, seek out an opportunity to break the formation!”

It was An Rumeng!

In the face of this strong foe, the students finally put aside their divisions and attacked in unison. Various lights erupted from all parts of the formation, sending ripples through it.

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