Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 207: Formation Battle (2)

Chapter 206: Formation Battle (1)

It was finally time for the general assault!

Upon hearing the news, Tang Jie immediately mounted the tiger and set off for the Floral Forest.

Tang Jie quickly spotted a forest of profuse colors in the distance. Countless flowers bloomed within it, turning the forest into a rainbow ocean, a gorgeous sight beyond words.

But Tang Jie knew that innumerable dangers were hidden beneath all the splendor.

The Floral Forest was the Ice Caves defense line. As it was located in the central zone of the Valley of No Return, it was a land abundant with spiritual energy and hosted many spiritual plants. But it was also a place that was crawling with fiend beasts.

The Floral Forest was also a giant formation. While it was just a small forest, there was a vast space contained within it. A student had left behind records about it, and it was said that it was the work of True Lord Tianshu of the Basking Moon Sect. He had set up a formation in line with the local terrain—one with numerous secrets and countless variations. Thus, it could be considered a semi-artificial formation.

Zhao Xiliang was the disciple of True Lord Tianshus disciple, Lu Yuanzhen, so he could be considered a granddisciple of True Lord Tianshu.

Seeing that no one was around, Tang Jie presumed that the students had already entered the forest, so he went in as well.

The moment he entered the Floral Forest, his surroundings suddenly shifted.

The rows of trees, flowers, and shrubs suddenly became sparse.

The forest was still the forest, and the flowers were still flowers, as bright and multicolored as ever, but the distance between them had increased. What was once a space of three steps between trees was now thirty steps. The space had opened up, and the place had also become much brighter. It was as if the Floral Forest had been expanded by a factor of ten. Even the distant trees now seemed to tower into the heavens, the crowns of the flowers growing as large as human heads.

Harmless plants now became bizarrely terrifying, and what had been a beautiful world instantly became one crawling with danger.

“A Meru Space?” Tang Jie muttered.

A Meru Space was a method of exploiting space.

In his past world, Tang Jie knew that space was a real thing that manifested as the void.

In the Rosecloud Domain, cultivators had also confirmed this fact through Immortal spells, and they had developed countless powerful spatial spells. This Meru Space was a practical example, as was the Mustard Seed Bag.

From a certain perspective, the Floral Formation was just a larger Mustard Seed Bag, able to hold so much that it could be considered a miniature world. Probably only Titans like True Lord Tianshu were capable of such a feat.

Tang Jie had only taken a few steps when a vine as thick as a python swept toward him. As Tang Jie raised his head, the vine brushed past his face and then suddenly curled back around. Tang Jie grabbed the vine and pulled, and a giant flower stem was pulled out of the ground, the flower corolla biting at Tang Jie like a giant maw.

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