Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 206: Formation Battle (1)

Chapter 205: Ghost Guard

“Shit! Formless Golden Body!” Tang Jie roared. His body briefly flashed with golden light, and then Tang Jie clawed at the tree that was swinging toward him.

There was a massive boom as dust plumed into the air.

When the dust settled, the giant ape stared in shock as it realized that Tang Jie was holding the tree in his hand and coldly staring at the ape.

The ape tried to pull back the tree, but it realized that it couldnt.

Tang Jie pulled hard on the tree as he angrily said, “We said that we wouldnt use spell arts, but you used one anyway. As an ape, youre a close-combat king, but youre trying to compete against a cultivator in spells? Have you grown tired of living? Ill show you what happens when you try to play tricks!”

Pulling his right arm back, he seized the tree from the giant ape and swung it around at the ape.

The ape wailed as it raised its arms to block. Meanwhile, Tang Jie began to hammer the giant ape so hard with the tree that it could barely move. The barbed thorns stabbed into its arm, causing it to howl in pain.

But the giant ape clearly had more cards to play. It howled and once more took to the skies, thrusting a palm at a tree next to it. The tree immediately withered, and in return, the injuries on the giant apes arm rapidly healed.

“Is this consideredeating tree?” Tang Jie laughed. This giant ape was able to absorb nutrients from a plant to heal itself, which was rather like DOTA.

Who said that cultivating Immortality was all about flying sword energy?

In the lower levels of the world, the multivarious and bizarre nature of spell arts was more evident.

“Im wondering if that can be interrupted!” Tang Jie roared as he tossed the tree in his hand.

The ape furiously swung a fist, striking the tree. Its immense strength instantly reduced the tree to splinters.

But a moment later, a saber flashed.

The Heartbreak Saber swept across the giant apes body, leaving a bloody line.

“Windcleaver!” Tang Jie howled as he swung the saber at the giant ape again. The ape punched right at the blade, sending the Heartbreak Saber flying out of Tang Jies hand.

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