But this was the cultivation world.

The apex of cultivators had been established on a foundation made of countless deaths!

Panting for breath, Tang Jie used his saber as a crutch as he struggled to his feet.

He first plucked the plumes from the heads of all the Thunderbirds, and then he whistled, upon which the little tiger came rushing over.

But unlike before, the little guy didnt immediately start eating. Instead, he looked in horror at the ground covered in bird corpses and then raised his head to look up at Tang Jie.

Tang Jie said, “Its all for you to eat. The longer you wait, the more the spiritual power dissipates.”

Wooo… The little tiger sorrowfully moaned and turned to run.

Tang Jie reached out and grabbed him, and despite how he flailed his paws, he couldnt resist Tang Jies strength. He was pushed to the ground and forced to start eating the bird flesh.

Meanwhile, Tang Jie began to dissect the Thunderbirds in search of fiend pellets.

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