Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 198: Pair Battle Against an Upper Grade (2)

Chapter 197: Pair Battle Against an Upper Grade (1)

The Quadeye Mantipede was a particularly vicious kind of fiend beast of the Rosecloud Domain. It was born with one hundred feet, and the two nearest to the head had mutated into what appeared to be extremely sharp giant mantis legs, which was why it was called a “mantipede”.

As its one hundred feet were no longer of equal size, the mantipede usually moved with its lower body and raised its upper body like a snake.

While this made it look bizarre, anyone who underestimated it was seeking death.

The mantipede was naturally large and normally grew one meter every ten years. This mantipede was three meters long and had a silver line along its back, indicating that it was an upper-grade Spirit Sensing fiend beast. When the line turned from silver to gold, it meant the mantipede had entered Mind Opening.

Cai Junyang hadnt expected his words to be prophetic, yet an upper-grade fiend beast had appeared the moment he had talked about not needing to run. He was rather dumbfounded and looked at Tang Jie. “What do we do now?”

“You need to ask? Run!”

The two of them shouted and immediately ran off to the side. They still hadnt given up on the idea of going to Thunderbird Cliff, so they wanted to get around the fiend beast.

The mantipede saw the two of them running, and shrieked as it gave chase.

Its lower feet began to move in unison like countless hooks digging into the earth. They were like mighty oars, stirring up countless motes of dust and producing a magnificent dust storm.

It flew along, instantly catching up to the two and jamming its body in between Tang Jie and Cai Junyang.

The two of them jumped away from each other, and the mantipede slammed into a small tree. Its mandibles opened and closed. Crack! The small tree was cut in half.

The mantipede didnt just possess blade-like legs. Even its mandibles were extremely powerful.

Having missed its lunge, the Quadeye Mantipede swung one of its forelegs at Cai Junyang.

Cai Junyang leaped, and the bladed leg brushed past his body and slammed into a large stone, which was immediately cut in two. The sliced surface was so smooth that Cai Junyangs heart trembled in fear.

He struck back quickly, thrusting his sword at the mantipede, upon which he heard a crisp clang.

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