Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 195: Cruel Reality

f the sprites, but each one came away with a large chunk of flesh. They greedily devoured it like it was the greatest delicacy in the world.

Sprites sucked blood!

And those empty spots created were instantly filled by new sprites, and they continued to tear chunks of flesh off Zhang Chengyuns body. Zhang Chengyun desperately shouted, “Junior Sister, help me–”

He couldnt go on, for when he opened his mouth, a sprite rushed into his mouth and bit off his tongue.

Even though Zhang Chengyun immediately closed his mouth and bit that sprite in two, he had still lost his tongue.

“Mrmm… mrmmm…” Zhang Chengyun ran out of the forest as quickly as he could, trying to get away from these terrifying sprites, but even more sprites rushed out like bees and crowded every inch of exposed flesh. There was even a little man hanging from his cock, munching away at it.

He moved slower and slower, blood gushing out from every part of his body. His bones had already been exposed in some places.

Tang Jie and that girl, Waner, were both horrified by the sight, but neither of them moved. They simply stared at Zhang Chengyun.

They had both recognized what these were.

Beefruit sprites!

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