Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 193: Plotted Against

Chapter 192: Preparation

After saying farewell to Shi Meng, Tang Jie returned to the Carefree House.

As he pushed open the gate, he saw a shower of flower petals. Tang Jie confidently snatched out with his hand, and as a petal drifted past his hand, it made a bloody scratch.

The other petals began to assail him.

Tang Jie used his hands to protect his face, and there was a thudding as his hand was turned into a pincushion.

He saw Yiyi come out from a flower bush and giggle. “What do you think? Big Brother, my Petal Rain is pretty good, right?”

Tang Jie looked at the back of his hand and nodded. “Not bad. Youve made a lot of progress. But Yiyi, starting from now, you cant practice it anymore.”

“Oh? Why?” Yiyi was confused.

“Use this time to learn another spell,” Tang Jie said as he opened up the copy of the Divine Firmament Sword Classic.

“Another spell? Are you saying that the second mission has come out?” Yiyi immediately sensed that something was wrong. Though she was still young, under Tang Jies tutelage, she was much sharper when it came to considering problems, and she quickly realized that Tang Jie was taking an ad-hoc action.

“Mm, its in the Valley of No Return.” Tang Jie gave her a rough summary of the Valley of No Return.

Yiyi was scared out of her wits once she learned about how dangerous it was.

Tang Jie replied, “While the Valley of No Return is dangerous, with the Weapon Mantra, Im not afraid. My only worry is the young master. Even with you at his side, and with the fiend fox, he might be able to escape any Spirit Sensing beasts, but hell be out of luck if he runs into a Mind Opening fiend beast. Thus, our most urgent priority is to get a way to establish a communication link with each other so that I can find you as soon as we enter the valley. Fortunately, the Divine Firmament Sword Classic has just such an art.”

He pointed at one of the spell arts.

“Heart Consonance?” Yiyi called out.

Heart Consonance was a very special spell art.

It needed at least two people to cultivate it for it to work.

Once it was used, regardless of distance, one person could talk and the other could hear. This was Heart Consonance.

This spell consumed spiritual power while it was being used. The farther apart the two were, the more energy was consumed. But as it wasnt a combat spell, it didnt have very high proficiency requirements.

Tang Jie firmly said, “The second mission starts tomorrow. Tonight, you need to focus on this spell, and you must completely memorize it. Once youre in the Valley of No Return, you have to immediately use the spell to get in contact with me.”

“Mm.” Yiyi earnestly nodded.

Even so, Tang Jie couldnt relax.

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