Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 192: Preparation

Chapter 191: Sealed Ground

“‘The Valley of No Return? What place is that?” Wei Tianchong asked from his seat in the Meditation Garden, the little fox in his embrace.

Surprisingly, Tang Jie and Shi Meng didnt mock Wei Tianchong for his ignorance.

Tang Jie firmly said, “The Valley of No Return is a mission area for students.”

“So its just a mission area. Why are all of you so uptight about it?” Wei Tianchong chuckled.

He was at Spirit Lake now, so he now had the ability to take part in missions. Since the Valley of No Return was a mission area, it appeared to him that the second mission was meant to assess the abilities of students through missions.

“The Valley of No Return is different,” Tang Jie said. “Its a sealed mission area.”

“‘Sealed? Why is it sealed?” Wei Tianchong didnt get it.

Shi Meng sighed. “Young Master, you should really study more.”

“Ah, its fine,” Tang Jie casually said. “The young master has a limited amount of energy, so he should focus all of it on cultivation. If theres anything he doesnt understand, we can just help him out. As for why its sealed, it has to do with the spiritual energy cycle.”

The so-called “spiritual energy cycle” referred to how, when a cultivator died and became Returned Remnants, their spiritual energy returned to the earth.

The spiritual energy cycle was precisely how the Rosecloud Domains spiritual energy was able to persist for tens of thousands of years, producing generation after generation of heroes.

But if one looked back on the past, they would discover that the earliest period was still very different from the present.

In Remote Antiquity, the land was untamed, civilization had not yet begun to thrive, and the various races battled against each other.

The humans of that time were all capable of cultivating. This was because spiritual energy was abundant. While spell arts were few and far between, there were no obstacles on the path of cultivation.

It was said that humans of that era didnt even have such a thing as the Jade Gate sealing the heavens. They automatically broke through and began to absorb the essence of the world.

But over thousands of years, the number of people who could automatically achieve this feat dwindled.

The Rosecloud Domain gradually went from being a place where everyone could cultivate to having a divide between mortals and Immortals. Though cultivators shared the same heaven and earth with mortals, they lived in two different worlds.

“…The biggest reason for this is that the amount of spiritual energy in the domain has been shrinking, and its no longer enough to support mortals automatically being able to cultivate,” Tang Jie muttered.

“The amount of spiritual energy in the domain is shrinking?” Wei Tianchong was flabbergasted. “Is it because too many Immortal Platform Titans are breaking out of the domain and taking their spiritual energy with them?”

Tang Jie and Shi Meng exchanged a glance and shook their heads.

Shi Meng explained, “While its true that Immortal Platform Titans take their spiritual energy with them, the power of a single Immortal compared to a domain is like a stalk of millet in the ocean. Even tens of thousands of years of Titans breaking through the domain would only be able to take a seas worth of water at most, but not so much that the spiritual energy of the domain would become so thin.”

“So whats the reason?” Wei Tianchong was confused.

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