Chapter 184: Fiend Fox

Tang Jie got up early in the morning and first went to Spirit Platform Pavilion to find Madam Shui and pay off that loan of one hundred thousand spirit coins plus interest.

Of course, he didnt completely pay it off, leaving behind a balance of ten thousand spirit coins.

When you didnt have the money to repay a debt, the lender might even want to take up residence in your home.

But once you had the money to repay the debt, the lender would want you to keep borrowing.

Money would never end up in the hands of the people who really needed it.

For Tang Jie, maintaining the appropriate amount of debt would benefit his future actions. Gu Changqing and Wei Tianzhi were the most obvious examples. Tang Jie had gradually begun to realize that he was naturally a very restless person. That being the case, he might as well use this debt to buy himself some insurance.

With this insurance, he could more boldly strike out and generate a greater profit.

At this moment, what he was borrowing wasnt money, but power and privilege!

Even so, Madam Shui was still shocked to see that he was paying off ninety thousand coins of the principal in one go.

“It seems like that one-hundred-thousand-spirit-coin puppet of yours has helped you make quite a lot of money,” Madam Shui chuckled.

She used that puppet that had never once existed to tease Tang Jie, and Tang Jie blushed in embarrassment and dropped his head. “Without Madams firm support, Tang Jie would not have been able to get this far.”

Madam Shui chuckled, looking at Tang Jie as if he was her own nephew. “In the end, it was through your own efforts that you got this far. But it was still very risky, and this was simply a time where the risk happened to luckily pay off. Walking too long on the edge of the cliff will inevitably mean that you slip one day. In the future, it would be better if you solidly walked the proper path.”

Tang Jie blushed. He knew that Madam Shui was reminding him and warning him that he shouldnt think that the Basking Moon Sect was really unaware, that it would only let so many things pass.

He immediately replied, “Madam, thank you for your pointers. This lowly one understands.”

“Mm.” Madam Shui pointed at Tang Jies Mustard Seed Bag. “How much money do you still have left in there?”

After some thought, Tang Jie decided to be honest. “Twelve thousand coins.”

Madam Shui chortled. “So clever when it comes to such small things… but thats fine. If anything comes up in the future, Ill at least have an explanation and wont have to be accused of being biased. Right, is there anything in your bag that you werent able to take care of? Let me take a look. Since youre selling it all the same, if you give it to me to handle, we can save ourselves the trouble of letting someone else profit.”

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