Chapter 180: Fierce Tiger

The ship wasnt actually very slow, but in Wei Tianchongs eyes, it was like a crawling turtle. When he turned around, he saw a human flood of students chasing after Tang Jie, and he became so anxious that he stomped his feet and hollered, “Faster! Faster!”

On the other end, Tang Jie fled for his life from several hundred students chasing him.

They were already sick of Tang Jie, so all of them called out, “Beat him up! Beat him up!”

The cries came from all around.

The first spell flashed as it hurtled toward Tang Jies back.

No matter how fast Tang Jies Violet Lightning Lunge was, it couldnt outrun a spell. That light struck Tang Jie and caused him to stagger, allowing many more students to catch up and fire spells at him.

“Damn it!” Tang Jie knew that this was a dire situation.

These students didnt even think about what might happen if too many people attacked at once.

They might not have wanted to kill anyone, but when enough people threw rocks, even an elephant would get pummeled to death.

Tang Jie had heard of incidents like this more than once!

As those countless spells shot toward him, Tang Jie was infuriated.

He considered himself a rather tolerant and inconspicuous person who never engaged in meaningless fights, and this was precisely why he had earned the favor of Xie Fengtang and the others. But when facing these brainless brutes, it didnt matter how smart he was. At this moment, combat was the only way to solve his problems.

“Alright! If you want a fight, lets fight!” Tang Jie bellowed.

For the first time in his life, Tang Jie had been thoroughly enraged by all these scoundrel students. He charged into the fray and began to attack the students.

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