Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 176: The Basking Moon Law Emblem

Chapter 175: The Seven Emotions Killer

The seven colors of the rainbow illuminated the night sky, revealing the shocked expressions on everyones faces.

The slender sword in Ping Jingyues hand suddenly began to expand, and the tassel swept back around and fused with the blade. The sword became a giant rainbow sword that spanned the heavens.

Ping Jingyue stood proudly atop the sword, exuding such majesty and light that no one dared to meet her eyes.

The Seven Emotions Absolution Sword!

“The Thousand Passions Sect… Youre a part of the Thousand Passions Sect?” Chen Naixing blurted out as he stared in disbelief at the dancing sword light in the sky.

It wasnt strange for the Thousand Passions Sect to have students in the Basking Moon Sect.

An Rumeng was one, after all.

But the problem was that the Thousand Passions Sect had a spy in the Basking Moon Sect!

This was a very serious problem.

The Basking Moon Sect and the Thousand Passions Sect had an excellent relationship and were extremely friendly to each other.

It wasnt strange for enemy countries to infiltrate each other, and even if this caused a mess, it could easily be explained away. In any case, nobody had any expectation of their enemy being merciful. But for friends to spy on each other was something else entirely. This sort of thing would undoubtedly deal severe damage to the relationship between the sects, and it would present a major strategic issue that could easily result in the destruction of the country!

It was no wonder Ping Jingyue was so unwilling to hand over her Mustard Seed Bag. She knew the consequences of being exposed.

But the betrayal of Yang Zhiyuans group of three had caused all her efforts to go to waste. As she floated in the air, her sword energy rocketed into the heavens, and her eyes radiated killing intent. “All of you… must die!”

Her tone was as cold as the winds of winter, blowing across the heads of Chen Naixing and Chen Naian.

“Jingyue! Liu Hongyan shouted in shock.

Ping Jingyue ignored her, pointing a slender finger at Yang Zhiyuan. “Seven Emotions Killer, Heart Questioning Sword, Joyful Parting!”

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