Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 175: The Seven Emotions Killer

Chapter 174: Betrayal (2)

The aghast Ping Jingyue was unable to dodge Yang Zhiyuans vicious palm, and immediately vomited blood. At the same time, Li Yijing and Liang Shengxian attacked her from the left and right, grabbing her arms so that she could not cast a spell. Yang Zhiyuan then waved a hand at her chest, and invisible spiritual power pulled a small Mustard Seed Bag from out of Ping Jingyues clothes.

This abrupt development left Liu Hongyans group dumbfounded.

“Yang Zhiyuan, you…” Ping Jingyue was so furious that her eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

“My apologies,” Yang Zhiyuan coldly said. “The Great Dao does not permit a merciful hand.”

Cai Junyang frowned. “What are you three doing? Yang Zhiyuan, you were even saying such nice things about making sure to not hurt each others feelings when fighting against each other.”

Yang Zhiyuan laughed. “My ass! Cai Junyang, you idiot, you really think we wont hurt each others feelings when we start fighting each other? Theres only going to be one True Inheritor, and were all going to be backstabbing each other in the bid to get it. How can you say that we wont hurt each others feelings? Are you joking? Only naive fools like you and Ping Jingyue would believe such things.”

Cai Junyang was dumbfounded by these words. Meanwhile, Yang Zhiyuan suddenly changed his tone and said, “Of course, back to the main topic, we agreed on what methods should be used. So long as we dont hurt each others feelings, theres no need for all of you to get angry. Look here. I havent gotten angry yet, so if Little Sis Jingyue is willing, Im still willing to be her friend after she hands over the head.”

“Yang Zhiyuan, youre dreaming!” Ping Jingyue roared.

“Thats why Im saying that the one hurting feelings isnt me, its you guys. Not hurting each others feelings… hmph, naive!” Yang Zhiyuan chortled as he withdrew with the Mustard Seed Bag.

Cai Junyang now grew visibly angry. “Good, good! Yang Zhiyuan, youve got guts! Even if the head was in that bag, do you really think your group would be able to take it with you?”

“They cant take it away, but what about us?” Another voice rang out from the distance.

Two tall and thin students who looked extremely alike emerged from the darkness, leading a group of students. These were clearly twins, but one was slightly taller and the other was slightly fatter.

Liu Hongyans sharp eyes instantly recognized these newcomers, and her body trembled. “Chen Naixing, Chen Naian! Its you two bastards!”

Chen Naixing and Chen Naian were fourth-year students, and they were rather famous figures in the school.

But rather than calling the brothers “famous”, it was better to say that they were infamous. It was said that the brothers were willing to resort to all sorts of evil deeds, including arson, murder, and robbery. But they were also very cautious and never did such things in the academy, only abusing people when they were outside.

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