Chapter 165: Choice

Shi Meng began to recall everything that had transpired in the estate.

“She was too anxious to show off. When I asked her about Lin Lang, she talked non-stop, giving out every detail, but actually, a normal person would have to look through their memories and think a little while talking. The fact that she could say so much so smoothly clearly means that she memorized all of that. But the moment I asked her questions that she hadnt prepared for, her original self was exposed!” Tang Jie sneered.

“Youre talking about…” Shi Meng began to get it.

Tang Jie replied, “Correct. During dinner, I tested her. Yueyang redfruits dont dispel alcohol at all. Rather, theyre for nourishing the skin. Linchuan white lotuses also have a beautifying effect, and Sanjiang honey lotuses are a sweet adored by women. Its not strange that Master Xu didnt know, but for the young lady of the Xu Clan to not know? That doesnt make any sense. As for Jade Pine, dont even talk about it. Jade Pine stone is a famous tea of Horizon Ocean Pavilion, and female cultivators love its refreshing taste. As it comes in tea stones and not tea leaves, it doesnt require rinsing and just needs to be steeped to be enjoyed. Thus, while it is a good tea for drinking on the road, its not a tea for the dinner table. But as a young lady of a noble clan, she knew nothing about it!”

He had only learned about these things from spending time with Xu Miaoran. Xu Miaoran had traveled all over the place and enjoyed much of what Sageheart had to offer. As for Jade Pine tea, Tang Jie had drunk it together with Xu Miaoran, and the topic had been brought up during their conversation.

It was normal for Xu Mujun to not know about one or two of these things, but to not know any of them was rather suspicious.

“Could it be that she just doesnt like these things?” Wei Tianchong asked.

“Correct,” Tang Jie nodded. “Thus, I finally asked her which had better embroidery, Fenglin Park or Meijian Workshop, and she actually said Fenglin Park… hah!”

Tang Jie began to eerily chuckle.

Wei Tianchong and Shi Meng were still rather confused. Wei Tianchong replied, “Whats wrong with saying that Fenglin Park is better? Everyone has their preferences, so even if Meijian Workshop is better, you cant really conclude anything from that.”

“The problem is that Meijian Workshop is a brothel, not an embroidery workshop!”

“What?” The two were shocked once more.

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