Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 163: Spell Mark

Chapter 162: Lucky Encounter

Tang Jie chuckled. “So did he give you all of his cultivation so that your strength suddenly soared?”

The Rosecloud Domain was not the world of martial arts novels. The Spiritual Space could only be expanded through ones own power. Spirit transfer was possible, but this was merely giving ones spiritual energy to someone else. It was impossible for someone to get stronger by leaps and bounds upon receiving spiritual energy from another. Moreover, to reach the Mortal Shedding Realm, one had to build the Heaven-Earth Bridge, the Celestial Heart Realm required the Heart Foundation, and the Violet Palace Realm required opening the Violet Palace. Each realm had its own qualitative evolution that had nothing to do with spiritual energy quantity.

Thus, while it was theoretically possible for Wei Tianchong to go from Spirit Spring to Spirit Sea, it was impossible for him to have ascended to a new realm.

But he was just joking, and Wei Tianchong understood. He bitterly said, “His injuries caused his Heaven-Earth Bridge to be severed, his Celestial Heart to collapse, and his Violet Palace to be annihilated. His cultivation fell all the way until he only had his Spirit Eye left. Its a miracle that he even survived, and it takes ages for him to use a spell art. I could have knocked him over with a slap. You think he had the strength to boost me?”

“Then it must be some divine secret art!” Shi Mengs eyes flashed like stars. Even if there were no treasures, getting a secret art from the likes of a Titan like Divine God Luo was still wonderful.

After all, Tang Jies current level of strength was closely connected to the Divine Firmament Sword Classic.

Even Tang Jie felt that this was the greatest possibility.

Wei Tianchong covered his face. “He was planning to teach me…”

“‘Planning to?” Tang Jie and Shi Meng felt their hearts thump. “What happened after that?”

Wei Tianchong explained, “When he woke up, because his injuries hadnt healed, all of his cultivation had dispersed. Originally, he thought that the Five Divines Faith would have been doomed without him there, so he might have had no descendants, causing the legacy of the Five Divines Faith to end. Too ashamed to face his ancestors, he decided to struggle in order to pass down his secret arts…”

Tang Jie grimaced. “Oh god; dont tell me. You let him know that the Five Divines Faith hadnt been exterminated?”

Wei Tianchong silently nodded.

“Ugh!” Tang Jie and Shi Meng slapped their foreheads.

There was no need to ask about what had happened next.

This old man had been under the impression that the Five Divines Faith had been wiped out during his millennia-long sleep, so he had been determined to find someone who could inherit his teachings. He didnt dare to find anyone that was too formidable for fear that they would betray him. After great difficulty, he had managed to find this fatty who was easy to deal with, but the moment he started asking questions: “What? The Five Divines Faith is still around? Its legacy is there, but it just lacks talented individuals? Oh, then forget it. I dont have any more business with you…”

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