Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 162: Lucky Encounter

Chapter 161: Following the Trail

“A fox knows how to disrupt the Tracking spell?” Tang Jie felt shocked.

Was Wei Tianchong really chasing a fox?

“What do we do now?” Shi Meng frantically asked.

Tang Jie looked around. Suddenly he walked to a nearby tree and carefully examined it.

“What are you doing?” Shi Meng asked.

“We cant use spell arts, so well just use our eyes to see, our heads to think, and our ears to listen…” Tang Jie replied. “Dont blindly believe in spell arts. Were people, and we have many crude methods that might even be more effective than lofty spells.”

These werent his words. He was just repeating what Gu Changqing had said.

When Gu Changqing had been on the run, Gu Changqing had taught him this sort of Tracking spell that wasnt a Tracking spell.

Gu Changqings method was simpler and more practical than a spell art, and while it may have been less effective, the traces werent as easily concealed in this era where cultivators were used to solving everything with spells. The more primitive the method, the less likely it was to be targeted.

As he carefully examined that tree, he stroked the bark and muttered, “This bark is freshly peeled and shows signs of being bound… and over here…”

Tang Jie walked over to another tree and examined it. “The same here.”

“And what about it?” Shi Meng didnt get it.

Tang Jie went back to the hole and carefully measured the distance between the hole and the tree. He tossed out the golden ball from his left hand, which turned into a golden thread and wrapped around the tree twice.

This was the first time Shi Meng had seen Tang Jies golden thread, and he asked in shock, “What is this?”

“Golden Silkthread, a spell weapon, my secret trump card. I got it from Gu Changqing,” Tang Jie casually lied. “Dont tell anyone else.”

He couldnt keep things a secret forever. Only by letting others know would he have the opportunity to use them in the future, and Golden Silkthread was an explanation that made sense.

As he answered Shi Meng, Tang Jie dropped one end of the golden thread into the hole. After testing a few things, he nodded. “He was pulled up on a rope.”

“And what about it?”

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