al Lord was an example of this sort. It was precisely because no one had discovered his spiritual land for ten thousand years that the formation had finally begun to fail, allowing a small amount of spiritual energy and good fortune to leak out, thus drawing in countless people greedy for its power.

Shi Wunian was in no mood to mess around with Xiao Biehan, as the Martial Mirror took precedence. After fighting for a bit, he shouted, “Xiao Biehan, can I still not concede?”

Xiao Biehan loudly laughed. “What a dishonest fellow! You clearly have some strength in reserve, so how could you concede? Come, come; lets continue. If you have business, we can talk about it once the battle is over!”

No matter how unwilling and reluctant Shi Wunian was, he could not hope to leave unless Xiao Biehan stopped his assault.

The two of them fought until the sun rose in the east. Upon seeing the break of dawn, Shi Wunian angrily roared, “Xiao Biehan, just how long do you want to fight? This old man has business and doesnt have the time to play with you!”

The swords suddenly disappeared, and Xiao Biehan miraculously sheathed his sword and drew back. Laughing, he said, “Since Aspirational Lord Wunian is in no mood to fight, then forget it. What a pity! If Aspirational Lord is in no mood to fight, then even if I win, it would be a hollow victory. Aspirational Lord, since you have business to attend to, then please be on your way. My Basking Moon Sect will not try to keep you. But, Aspirational Lord, you should understand that this Sageheart Kingdom is protected by my Basking Moon Sect. Consider your actions carefully.”

With a hearty laugh, he departed.

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